NordicTrack X9i Incline Trainer Review

NordicTrack X9i Incline Trainer Review

This upgraded version now has a 62” track wherein the previous version only has 60” of it. Additionally, it can read iFit Live, has a 10” touch screen with Android version installed, and pre-programmed workouts. This is a great incline trainer to buy, especially if you love to feel the intensity during your run. If you want to check out the full specs about this treadmill then this article will provide you with that information.


Inclined Training –

The NordicTrack comes with different variations when it comes to their machine wherein it can be used flat, declined up to 6%, and inclined up to 40%. This is great for intensity training because the inclined one will help you burn more fats and calories while the declined one will tone your muscles. It also comes with an 8” console fan to help cool yourself down during your intense training challenge.

Less Impact on Your Joints –

The Reflex Cushioning is helpful in absorbing the impact that you put when your feet lands on the track thus reducing the stress that it may have on your joints. This feature is simply ideal for individuals of all ages or to anyone who suffers injury on the joints of their lower body.

Longer Track –

This time, the track is much longer thus making it perfect for tall people because they no longer have to worry about limiting the landing of their run.

Powerful Motor –

It comes with a 3.0hp motor of commercial quality and it is entitled to a lifetime warranty. It provides a quick response to your needs and the great thing about it is that it operates in a quiet manner.

Console with Internet Browser –

This trainer hails a 10” touchscreen monitor that has a built-in browser. As long as you’re connected to the internet, you can browse your social media accounts, check your emails, read news, etc. while you’re working out.

Pre-Programmed Workouts –

If you have a target goal for your weight then you will be able to achieve it efficiently with the help of the pre-programmed workouts built into the treadmill. There are 44 workouts available wherein each one varies on the intensity.

iFit Live –

To make your workout more exciting, then iFit Live is the perfect companion for you. This great feature allows you to customize your workout programs, do a virtual workout with Jillian Michaels, and compete in online races.

Heart Rate Monitors –

You can easily monitor your heart rate with this treadmill so that you will know where your limitations are at. It can be easily done by either using wireless telemetry (chest strap) or with the help of the sensors on the handlebars.


Price –

The new version of the X9i isn’t a price that is really competitive except for when it’s on a special sale. You’ll pay more for an addition 2” of the track along with a less robust warranty. The electrical components are covered on the old version but not on the new one.


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