Lifespan TR4000i Review

Lifespan TR4000i Review

Exercise Equipment

This is a great addition to the list of Lifespan’s 5 star treadmills roster. The great thing about Lifespan is that they use great biomechanics, durable components and generous programming into their machines. This particular treadmill seems like an upgrade to their TR3000i because it now uses a more powerful motor, thicker belt, and a longer track. The deck is also reversible thus making it have twice the longevity.


Program Variety –

The great thing about Lifespan’s latest treadmills is that they already have 19 preset workouts, 2 user-designed program slots, and a manual mode. These workouts vary from each other based on the fitness goals of every individual which includes sports training, weight loss, cardio fitness and healthy living.
If you want to save your exercise data then you can just transfer it into a flash drive and have it charted at the website of LifeSpan Fitness Club website. If you want to have your workouts personalized for free then you can do so by subscribing to the one-time $69 lifetime membership from the club.

Audio –

To make your running workout more fun and exciting then you can plug in your mp3 player into its console. The treadmill already has high-fidelity speakers so there’s no need for you to plug-in any wired earphones/headphones.

Motorized Inclination –

The ramp of the machine is motorized thus allowing you to incline up to 15 angles during your training session. If you walk or jog on an inclined plane then it will increase your calorie burn and will allow you to target different muscle groups while doing this.

Intensity Options –

Each of the pre-programmed workouts have 3 intensity levels in them which also include different inclination levels. Varying the intensity of your workout will gradually improve your results.

Excellent Track Pad –

The thicker 2-ply track is much longer and has more cushioning in it. It also comes with 8 shock absorbers that will minimize the impact on your joints during the run. The advantage about a long track is that it will be able to cater all heights without feeling restricted.

Powerful Motor –

The treadmill has a power of 3.25 CHP motor which operates in a whisper-quiet manner and is guaranteed for life.

High Speed –

It can reach a top speed of 12 mph and a .5 mph for its minimum.
High Weight Capacity –
The treadmill is capable of handling a weight of up to 350 pounds.

Easy Storage –

The EZ-Drop system is the reason why this treadmill can be easily folded up thus providing more space on your house.


No Fan –

The manufacturer of this treadmill forgot that people want to cool off during their workout. There is no fan built into this treadmill so you may need to set aside a fan to help you cool down.

So-so Console –

The other treadmills hails that sleek and sporty look while this one closely resembles a medical one. It may be an odd appearance but if you don’t mind that then it’s no problem at all and it works completely fine.


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