The Ultimate Testofuel Review - This is not your GNC's testosterone booster supplement

The Ultimate Testofuel Review – This is not your GNC’s testosterone booster supplement

TestFuel Review

The Ultimate Testofuel Review – This is not your typical GNC’s testosterone booster supplement. Testofuel is a supplement developed and manufactured by ROAR AMBITION Ltd. It is an anabolic support complex made from all-natural ingredients. It is formulated for the optimum boost in muscle growth, increased testosterone production, reduced fat accumulation, and increased sex drive.

Testofuel was originally developed for use by professional athletes. The supplement was started in order to bolster their gains during training. However, due to the popularity of the product, it has since been used by older men who are looking to supplement their natural declining testosterone levels.

Testofuel’s Anabolic Support Complex

Testofuel is one of the few testosterone boosters out in the market which caters to both professional and casual bodybuilders who are looking to tone their body. Furthermore, Testofuel’s manufacturer is confident that their product is safe and effective for consumption.

The anabolic support complex works by naturally increasing blood testosterone levels in the body. The surge in blood testosterone increases the rate protein is used which hastens muscle development, lessen fat accumulation and increases fat absorption. As well as helping in decreasing blood cortisol levels.

Additionally, it also increases sex drive, helps people who suffer from erectile dysfunction and improves mood and self-esteem. Improved levels of testosterone provided by the product alleviate feelings of tiredness and laziness. It gives the users an increase in energy. Furthermore, it improves weight loss and muscle tone definition as well.

Research has shown that increased testosterone in the blood has been known to aid in proper weight gain and weight loss. As well as, improves blood circulation, enhances memory and cognitive function, increased activity levels, and lastly improves mood and confidence.

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Testofuel How Does It Work?

Increasing your testosterone levels will ensure that you are putting your body in an optimum environment for muscle growth. The hormone assists in the release of growth hormones which is necessary for growing muscles and preventing fat from being stored.

Growth hormone is basically a protein-based peptide hormone. It helps stimulate the growth, production, and regeneration of cells. Height testosterone encourages growth hormone production. It works by increasing the body’s anabolic respiration process. Which, stimulates protein synthesis and in turn causes muscle .

It enhances faster protein synthesis. It really doesn’t matter how much protein you take in if it doesn’t translate to muscles. Muscles need amino acids two build new fibers and that’s the role of proteins.

The more protein your body uses the faster you can develop the muscles. Testosterone is important for faster protein synthesis. On a side note, is eating protein going to aid the supplement in building muscles?

 How does Protein Help in Building Muscles?

It has been a common misconception, mostly by bodybuilders, that protein can add on body mass and muscles. As a matter of fact, eating protein after does not do anything significant to increase muscle mass and strength.

Director of Nutrition Studies at the Palo Alto Veterans’ Administration Medical Center, Gail Butterfield, PhD, RD, has done some research regarding protein. It so happens that eating more than an average amount of protein can actually be harmful to one’s health. Butterfield, also a protein expert, found that adding protein without increasing your calorie intake makes it impossible to add some muscles. Furthermore, it may just even cause your other bodily functions to be stressed out.

Most importantly, be conscious about the food you eat. The amount of protein you must consume depends on a few important factors. Such as, age, weight and overall health. In addition, too much protein can lead to the buildup of toxic ketones in your body. There is this new thing called “Ketogenic Diet”. Some bodybuilders and people who workout have resort this kind of diet. What they probably do not know is that this type of diet can result to numerous health issues. This includes, dehydration, calcium deficiency, bone deterioration and even bad breath.

So, how can protein be helpful? Protein can only be helpful in building up your muscles if you pair up protein and calories. If you add more protein to your diet, always increase your calorie intake as well. Moreover, shift your diet one step at a time. Because, your body needs an ample amount of time to adjust to what it is being fed of.

Lastly, always ensure a balanced diet. A balanced diet varies from person to person though, so, it would be best recommended to consult your nutritionist for healthier results.

Testofuel, Bad or Good?

Just like every product, everyone will be concerned about its effectiveness and this is one of the reasons why people will think “Is Testofuel legit?” But the thing that you should note about Testofuel is that it doesn’t claim to be a miracle product unlike the other ones available out there.

You can guarantee that this supplement has no effects that resemble the use of steroids. The way that you can get positive results out of this is to train hard and eat healthy at the same time.

Testofuel is of course not a scam and it is a legitimate product that anyone can safely consume daily to build their muscles. Even if you are dubious about this kind of supplement, this is a great opportunity to try if this will help you get the body that you’ve been wanted for all these years.

But there have been some critics who claim that TestoFuel is a scam. This may be attributed to the increase in testosterone boosting products that claim to improve muscle mass and libido by boosting testosterone levels.

For those who are concerned about this product’s authenticity, it is important to recognize that unlike most of the other testosterone boosters, TestoFuel is completely based on medical research. The product was designed after comprehensive research carried out by scientists and medical doctors.


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Testofuel Nutrition Guide

Testofuel is a 100% natural testosterone booster supplement, and the secret of the results of this testosterone supplement lies in the ingredients it contains.

The product does not actually contain testosterone but the active ingredients in this supplement stimulate the production of the testosterone in a human body.

Another important ingredient of TestoFuel is Fenugreek. The research conducted by the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition showed that men who are lifting and taking Fenugreek has better physical outcomes when it comes to decreasing fat in the body, leaner muscles and better endurance, compared to just lifting.

Another study done by Australian Centre for Integrative Clinical and Molecular Medicine found that men who took Fenugreek supplements have 25 percent increase in libido and testosterone levels. Who would not want that? All-natural and effective!

The combined effects of Siberian and Fenugreek Ginseng raise the levels of adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH) and adrenaline in the body as well as normalize testosterone levels.

And what about the oyster extract?

  • Oyster extract boosts your testosterone levels safely and naturally
  • It keeps your estrogen low to avoid the dreaded “Man Boobs”
  • Ensures more of the protein you consume to pack on the muscle
  • It decreases your chances of over training which will hinder your progress

Testofuel’s All-Natural Active Ingredients

Oyster extract

Zinc is essential for the increased amount of testosterone in the human body. Oysters contain 10 times the zinc there is found in beef steak. Also, the oyster has 59 trace elements that the body needs which includes vitamins, taurine, amino acids, omega 3 and 6 fish oils. The oyster extract in Testofuel will naturally and safely boost the testosterone levels of its users, keep the estrogen low and avoid “man boobs”, and decrease the chances of being overtrained. Your progressive protein synthesis ensures you have the muscles. Zinc is needed for ribozyme (RNA) reaction. RNA is a well known molecule, which is capable of accelerating certain biochemical reactions similar to action taken by protein enzymes.

Vitamin D

Studies shows that Vitamin D deficiency will cause the testosterone levels to become lower and makes the oestradiol and luteinizing hormone increase which will cause a poor reproductive health. Therefore Vitamin D is added to ensure that testosterone will be naturally increased in the body.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is not only necessary in boosting testosterone but is also essential for proper functioning of your body. Vitamin B6 is also known to stimulate androgen receptors and can even suppress production of estrogen, both of which naturally boost testosterone levels.


Ginseng increases the production of sex hormones which in return will stimulate cell growth too and boost testosterone levels. This product also helps to raise the levels of adreno-corticotropic hormones (ACTH) and the adrenaline in your body, reduction of these two hormones are believed to decrease the testosterone levels.


It is common in curries and was found that Fenugreek, when taken every day, enhances male libido. Also, it normalizes testosterone levels. Fenugreek also greatly affects the production of a number of sex hormones. Sometimes taken alongside bread, Fenugreek is well known at enhancing libido.

It has been in use in India and Middle East over many years to enhance masculinity as well. It’s also able to suppress symptoms associated with diabetes. A study involving 30 men showed that those who took 500 mg of Fenugeek for a period of 6 months reported a massive increase in their testosterone levels.

D-Aspartic Acid (DAA)

This amino acid is critical for sex hormone production and sperm cells. Also known in its abbreviated form DAA, this amino acid is normally linked sperm cell and male sex hormone. It can be found in the neuroendocrine tissues of vertebrates and invertebrates. DAA is important in the formation of muscle tissue growth in one’s libido. According to studies, the said amino acid can actually increase testosterone levels by more or less 50% in a short duration of time, per se, two weeks.


Magnesium is needed in the human body especially for muscle and nerve relaxation. This is also needed for the metabolism of proteins, carbohydrates, fats and muscles cells which is vital for body building and it was found that men with more magnesium in their blood have high testosterone in their bodies. If your nerves are not relaxed they send confusing signals to the body which can cause muscles to over react leading to muscle tension, fatigue, soreness, cramps and spasms.

Testofuel Supplement Facts

There are no “secret” ingredients in the supplement. Everything contained within the complex has been clearly indicated on the label allowing you to understand the science behind it and to promote transparency. Every substance in the Testofuel supplement has been tested and proven to be beneficial in the body.

There is a general misconception that testosterone boosters are equivalent to steroids. This is not factual. Steroids are chemically synthesized substances that are majorly used in treating a range of ailments.

Without a doctor’s prescription it is illegal to use them, especially as a way of gaining muscle. There are serious side effects of abusing steroids in this way such as decrease in sperm count and testicle size, impotence, acne, cancer and high blood pressure. All steroids should only be utilized under the authorization of a doctor and with stringent guidance.

Testofuel is a testosterone booster which is natural and safe for use. Any man above the age of twenty will get tremendous results. Usually, a man’s testosterone levels will start decreasing as they get to a certain age.

Boosting this hormone’s level not only promotes bodybuilding abilities but also increases energy and sex drive. Unlike steroids, it does not contain synthetic substances. As outlined, only mineral and vitamin supplements and natural extracts from Mother Nature are used.

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H.F.V. Testofuel Reviews

How Safe is Testofuel?

Safety Index: 4.5 /5

It goes without saying that if you can choose a natural testosterone booster rather than synthetic hormonal injections, you absolutely should. Natural supplements are considered to be much safer overall and can help by improving low testosterone levels without causing substantial side effects.

The results that using natural supplement will give you will depend on your age, muscle mass, and activity level, but most men find that by choosing the best testosterone booster on the market, they are able to see a number of changes within their body that make a big difference.

These include renewed energy and stamina, increased muscle growth, the reduction of body fat, and overall better results in the gym.

In addition to these changes, you should also notice a difference in terms of libido and sexual performance, which is something that is often declining in men from a fairly early age. This change alone is often one of the aspects of this type of product that meets a real difference.

Is Testofuel Safe for Use?

Yes. It is generally safe for use of professionals and even the non-professional bodybuilders. Testofuel uses natural ingredients therefore it will have no problem being combined with other supplements even with your vitamins. If you want to be sure, consult your doctor first before using it.

TestoFuel is primarily produced in the Unites States and its manufacturing process has fulfilled all the FDA requirements. This product is also manufactured in the United Kingdom and it is also designed to meet strict EU requirements.

Are there Any Side Effects?

No reported side effects were noted with its users. However, it is to be noted that Testofuel has oyster extract and it would be wise if people who have allergic reactions to sea foods would stay away from this products. Consult your doctor before using this supplement just to be sure.

Who can Use it?

There are no gender specifications for the usage of Testofuel so men and woman alike can use and benefit from the amazing results of Testofuel. Also, everyone from the age 18 and above can enjoy using this natural testosterone booster supplement.

How Ideal is Testofuel for BodyBuilding?

Effectivity Index: 4.0 / 5

Building muscle in the gym can be hard. Even with rigorous training you may not gain much muscle or reach your muscle building potential. Testosterone which is an androgen hormone is a major factor when it comes to getting a muscle-packed body.

While the correlation between this hormone and muscle growth is clear, some individuals suffer from naturally low testosterone levels. Going to the gym daily becomes an ordeal that is frustrating and exhausting without the desired results. The missing link is the realization that increasing the levels of testosterone will boost the ability of the body to build muscle.

Testofuel Anabolic Support Complex is a supplement that has been designed to naturally boost testosterone levels. This hormone is naturally produced in the body for various physiological roles.

It influences development of secondary sexual characteristics in males which includes deepening of voice, growth of pubic hair and stimulate narrowing of pelvis. It also is important in growth of the sexual organs and functional sperm.

Testosterone has gained popularity due to the important action of supporting muscle development by controlling muscle mass and influencing the response of the body to exercise.

The Testofuel supplement works by supplying the body with the right nutrients which consequently stimulates production levels of testosterone. Besides promoting muscle growth and decreasing body fat content, the Anabolic Support complex has been fortified making it even more beneficial to the user.

Testofuel has natural extracts from oyster, ginseng and fenugreek. Oyster extract is a very rich substance that contains multiple vitamins and a lot of zinc. It acts as a suppressant for estrogen while boosting testosterone and ensuring that consumed protein is utilized in bodybuilding.

If you are a bodybuilder and you are aiming to achieve the body you want in a faster and effective way, then you should engage in using boosters like Testofuel.

How Quickly will I Notice Any Results from Using Testofuel?

Initial results will be noticeable within weeks as opposed to months.

As stated earlier, without the adequate amount of testosterone in your body, you will struggle to achieve the muscle mass that you are striving for. Most bodybuilders consume single nutrients and supplements to achieve mass, but unfortunately these take a lot longer and are not nearly as effective as Testofuel.

The combination of ingredients create a lethal formula which guarantees to safely and effectively increase testosterone levels in your body, so you can focus on increasing your muscle size in less time.

To get the most out of Testofuel, it is recommended to be used on a regular basis for a minimum of three months.

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 Testofuel Benefits

Here are the benefits:

Testofuel is safe to take on a daily basis. Not all medicines and muscle growth supplements are naturally safe for someone’s health. Since Testofuel is made from food extracts, herbs, vitamins and amino acids, this booster is completely safe to take daily.

  1. Testofuel increases your testosterone production. True to its purpose, Testofuel aids a person to increase his testosterone level in a much more natural way.
  2. Testofuel helps you increase muscle gain. When taking Testofuel, you will notice a chunk of muscles growing in your body.
  3. Testofuel will help you gain more confidence. Because of its proven and visible effects in your body, this testosterone booster will gradually help you find more confidence. Your muscle growth will surely make you feel and look better.

Supporting Researches and Studies

The researches of George Fisher, a professor of chemistry from Barry University, in Miami Shores, Florida, showed that oysters are very rich in compounds that when taken, increases the production, utilization and effectiveness of testosterone inside the body.

Zinc, as the primary compound found in oysters was already proven so long ago that is highly active with immune system processes and cellular level protein metabolism. In addition, zinc increases protein breakdown to form amino acids which are requirement for muscle formation.

Another study was conducted for the effectiveness of Ginseng root as an herb and until now, its wonders are not fully understood. According to David Kiefer, M.D. and Traci Pantuso, B.S. at the University Of Arizona College Of Medicine in Tucson, Ginseng promotes equilibrium in body’s metabolism and increases libido in men.

Another research conducted by the University Of Maryland Medical Centre suggests that Asian ginseng might increase sperm production and sperm motility, improve sex drive and relieve erectile problems.

Testofuel Customer Reviews

“Charlie, a fitness enthusiast from the UK, remarked that he is impressed with the easy-to-use capsule form of this particular T-Booster. “It is easy to add these capsules to a protein shake regimen without causing feelings of uncomfortable ‘fullness’. He stated that a single week of using the product helped him to feel stronger, and not long after that, the desired muscle definition was easy to spot.“

“Jordan, a hard gainer from the US, gained around 12 pounds of lean muscle in just over three months. When using other products or using different methods of bulking up, Jordan would feel bloated or would pack on a few extra pounds of fat. With this particular product, there was a definite increase in muscle definition and body-building bulk.”

“Luke, an excited gym-goer from Australia, was pleased to report a healthy increase in appetite. This food was converted into lean muscle rather than fat with the help of the supplement and an amazing workout routine. After two weeks of using the supplement, Luke experienced elevated energy levels as well as a boost in physical and mental strength during training.”

From Jason Stallworth

The most frequently asked question is ‘Does TestoFuel work?’ My answer is always is it will work as well as you allow it to. I know too many people that want a quick fix; they want to pop a pill and expect to get huge off minimal effort.

TestoFuel is loaded with everything you need to get bigger, stronger, and leaner. So if you’re training hard and your diet is good, then yes, TestoFuel works, and works quite well. If you’re training half-assed and eating crap, then you may be disappointed with the results (not only with TestoFuel, but with any supplement).

As with most over the counter testosterone boosters you don’t, and you really shouldn’t feel anything right away. So I didn’t expect to feel or see any changes in my muscles for the first week or so. After a couple of weeks of taking Testofuel (three capsules a day as per the label), the first thing I started noticing was an enhanced overall sense of well-being.

TestoFuel is loaded with vitamins and nutrients that the majority of us don’t get in our regular diet no matter how healthy we may be eating. I also noticed my muscles becoming harder and I felt more pumped not only during my workouts, but even throughout the day. 

For me the highlight of taking TestoFuel was not only were my muscles harder but I noticed my body was getting leaner yet I didn’t lose any strength or muscle (which is often associated with getting leaner).

Usually people lean out or bulk, but not both at the same time. Granted, I my strength didn’t substantially increase but I was progressively getting stronger while it seems it was easier for me to cut fat at the same time. This is a complete win-win in my book.”

Testofuel Customer Testimonials

The results of this are actually guaranteed to be seen within weeks rather than in months. The combination of the ingredients above actually ensures a production of testosterone which will shape your muscles in no time.

Testofuel Price and Shipping Information

At the moment, Testofuel can be bought only from the manufacturer’s official website. There are some amazing discounts offered at the site as well.

Price of Testofuel and Special Offers

One Box of Testfuel is priced at $65.  However, Currently, if you buy the “ULTIMATE MUSCLE GAINER’S PACKAGE’  which comes with 3 boxes of Testofuel,  you will get an extra box free of charge and a t-shirt to cap it all. This special offer represents a whooping 30% discount on the list price.

This special offer makes the price of Testofuel down to $48.75 a box.

The Verdict


Testofuel is the best testosterone booster supplement we’ve tried right now. If you don’t want to compromise the results, it is best to buy Testofuel as your all natural testosterone booster supplement. There is no doubt that Testofuel is the best among the rest right now.

With a proper diet and regular exercise, you will notice a significant difference in your muscle definition in a few weeks. Many users have also reported an improvement in the muscle growth and sexual function after using the product.

TestoFuel is a great choice for any individual who wants to boost their muscle growth and strength naturally. It also increases energy and sex drive, making it an all-inclusive product. We couldn’t recommend this product more!

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