What is Dead Bug Exercise? Learn its benefits and steps to do it properly

Dead Bug exercise

Core exercises like the dead bug exercise is an essential part of any fitness program. These exercises can yield various health benefits and give you a better shape.

The area which is referred to as the core is the midsection of the body and it includes all the muscles in the front, sides, and back. It involves the Traverse Abdominis (TVA), lower lats, and the Erector Spinae Obliques. In addition, it works as stabilizers for the body. If the core is weak, we could develop pains in our back and waistlines. Keeping the core muscles strong can improve our posture and give more strength to other physical exercises.

Nowadays, there is a big push for core training in various fitness centers. Why is it becoming a hit recently?

The majority of the population has eight-hour work each day, plus the two hours of driving on a traffic so basically, there’s a lot of sitting. Prolonged sitting without any exercise can weaken the muscles in the midsection.

Unlike the kind of lifestyle thousand of years ago, our forefathers didn’t need to have core training since they work from sunrise to sunset doing laborious work at the field.

Thus, the fitness industry boomed to show the people that we need to keep our bodies strong despite sitting for long hours each day. Keeping the core strength will yield powerful body, according to Body-Building.

Some of the core exercises today are crunches, planks, and kicks. Another core exercise that is trending today is what they call as the ‘dead bug exercise’. In this article, we will discuss what is a dead bug exercise, what are its benefits, and how to do it properly.

Arm workouts: appreciating its benefits, its anatomy, and more

Arm workouts for beginners

Arm workouts are as important as abs and core training and everybody wants it. Men want bigger arms while women want a toned arm. Beautiful arms are not just given to us like magic and it can be earned by working very hard at the gym.

Different exercises focus on various muscles but a strong upper body is essential for every gym-goers and athlete. Strong arms are beneficial to swimmers because they depend on their arms and shoulder to propel in the water. Moreover, strong arms are needed in gymnastics, track and field, ball games, and other sports.

Here are some of the benefits of having strong arms and upper body:

Leg workouts: unleashing its benefits, anatomy, and more

Beginners guide on leg workouts for mass.

Leg workouts are an important aspect of any bodybuilding activity.  Training your lower body parts is a great advantage to stimulate the growth of the muscles in the upper body.

Bodybuilders all around the world would sometimes focus in sculpting their upper extremities and they often neglect their legs. Some gym-goers would have a very beautiful upper body sculpt but they have tiny legs. Their body is not in coordination because they focus much of their time in the arms, back, abdomen, and belly. It must be noted that a symmetrical and aligned physique is what’s important in determining the real body build.

The muscles in our legs are one of the largest muscles in our body. Investing time in the leg workout can yield a metabolic effect in the long run. It produces hormones that enable muscle growth and increase in size. In addition, leg workouts help to build stronger legs that can build your endurance, cardio, and core strength.

To better understand the benefits and how does leg workout works, let us know first the anatomy of our lower body parts:

T-bar rows benefits, set-up, and muscles worked in the exercise

Understanding T-bar row benefits, set-up, and muscles used

T-bar row is a kind of barbell bent over row that is popular in weightlifting. More people are now switching to the good life by eating healthy food and hitting the gym. As people goes to the gym, one of the most used equipment in building muscles is the t-bar row.

The T-bar row is an innovation in the modern gym equipment. It was used since early 20th century by gym experts and even beginners. This type of equipment comes with a machine and a lever system in the end. It has a straight bar with plates that you can adjust and a handle (t-bar). This type of equipment is usually made of high-quality metal that can last for a long time with proper care.

In addition, the T-bar row is easy to use. Let us now know the steps in using the t-bar row:

Cardio Before or After Weights? The Best Time To Do Cardio Exercises and Weightlifting

Combining Cardio exercises and weightlifting

Cardio exercises are one of the most popular activities today because it does not only enables us to lose weight but it also gives tons of health benefits.

It is a set of exercise that increases the beat of the heart. Most cardio workouts today are categorized into mid intensity which is somewhere between walking and swimming. Some of the cardio exercise people know are skiing, dancing, skating, cycling, hiking, and ball games such as basketball, soccer, and tennis.

Benefits of Cardio Exercises

Cardio exercises help prevent several ailments. As it pumps blood, our muscles and internal organs are supplied with enough oxygen. It increases the density of the bones, improves blood circulation, boosts the energy levels, reduces bad cholesterol, increases good cholesterol, and eliminates anxiety.

In addition, cardio workouts can help you lose weight by burning excess fat that affects the body’s structure. According to a study done by Harvard, half an hour of cardio can burn 144 to 249 calories. Meanwhile, high-intensity cardio can burn twice as low-intensity cardio exercises.

Our bodies are designed to move. Thus if we engage in cardio exercises, our muscles will grow and stay in shape.  For instance, running will build your leg muscles while swimming will develop your upper extremities.

If your goal is to look better and to lose weight, then you need to burn all your muscle’s glycogen to burn fat as fuel. However, if your goal is to build muscles, then you must do weightlifting.

Trap bar deadlift benefits and muscles worked in deadlift

Trap bar is one of the most amazing equipment that you can find inside the gym. It includes a frame which is shaped in hexagon or diamond. Many gym enthusiasts would call this as one of the smartest innovation in gym equipment for the past fifty years.

Hex bar or Trap bar was patented by Al Gerard in 1985. Al Gerard is a weight lifter in North Carolina and he got tired of the usual straight weight lifting bars that he uses in the local gym. According to him, this equipment scraped his body and hurts some of his body parts whenever he uses it.

He began his modification of his equipment by putting a frame in a trap bar. He has found out that he can stand while deadlifting and not hurt his back.Today, trap bars are used in almost all gyms in the world because of the benefits it gives. It offers a full body strength exercise and muscle build-up.

Many people are now encouraged to go to the gym because of the need to be strong and healthy. In addition, working out boosts each individual level of happiness. It also reduces the risk of heart disease, be able to sleep better and increase the energy level. Hitting the gym would also make a person enhance his memory and perform best at work and at school. Above all, this will also help you gain self-confidence and live longer.

Now, let us check some of the benefits of using trap bars deadlifts in the gym:

Benefits of using Trap bar deadlifts

Chest and Triceps Workout: An Effective Guide for Perfect Muscles

The chest and triceps are one of the most prominent features for a man. Do not get me wrong, it is also equally attractive on women too. We usually see the chest area being highlighted in billboard posts for a denim jeans advertisement of a specific company. Sometimes, the triceps are also more focused in calendars and other commercials as well. These two body parts are eye-catching enough to capture our attention and lure us to a campaign or advertisement. Because, with all honesty, these two parts are very attractive to look at. I bet you will agree with that statement too.

That is why this article brings you to a whole new level of chest and triceps workout. It will contain the best and most effective exercises to help you achieve a stronger and more toned muscles.

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