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15 Health Benefits of Raw Unfiltered Honey You Might Not Know

Do you have a sweet tooth when it comes to honey? There are honey varieties sold nowadays to meet your cravings for sweets. Over the years, honey is value as sweetener and medicine. It comes in various shapes and forms. When bees get nectar from flowers, they start to create Honey. When you get honey from beekeepers, it is likely for you to get information about its uses and benefits.
Beekeepers sometimes pasteurized honey for commercial purposes. While some people get it from the store, did you know that you may have bought fake honey? Honey is not created the same. A lot of honey or honey products in the groceries have under go processing. This can destroy a lot of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes and other nutrients in the honey. Pasteurization can decrease the nutritional values that honey provides.


How is honey made?

Honey has flourished since ancient times. About 60, 000 bees collect over millions of flowers to gather enough nectar and make at least one pound of honey. In the US, there are more than 300 kinds of honey with unique color and flavor, depending upon the source of nectar. It has a blend of sugar, enzymes, minerals, vitamins, and amino acids that has antibacterial, and antioxidant properties.
Bees store the nectar in its stomach which it mixes with enzymes, then pass it to another bee’s mouth. Until the nectar is digested and deposited into a honeycomb, stored in a beehive, and then repeat the process .
Unprocessed honey or raw honey offers distinct health benefits. Some people believed that raw honey and regular honey are the same. But you will see if this is true or not. Before deliberating its benefits, it is a must to explain what a raw unfiltered honey is.



All About Raw Unfiltered Honey


There has been a misconception between heating honey and its value. Some people believed that it is harmful. Bees in fact heat honey and they actually do it. During the winter season, honey can freeze inside the hive, so bees move its stock of food as they reheat. In times of summer, bees don’t heat the honey; as long as the temperature is about 95º F.
Some people tend to insist the beekeeper not to heat the honey, instead, they use the microwave. Flash-heating is the process of heating the honey through a sudden and rapid heat. Flash-heating kills the enzymes and changes the honey. It is sweet, though it is more like a processed sweetener rather raw.

How does texture determine raw unfiltered honey?

When you want to see if its real raw honey, then you must not expect an opaque kind of jar. A raw honey especially fresh from its hive likely includes all that could come out of a beehive. Like honey, beeswax, pollen, and of course, bees.
You can expect black dots right here and there, and this only means – never expect a bee to be sanitary. Can you handle this? Remember that “raw” has a lot to do with temperature, not the texture. The longer the honey is harvest, the creamier and the texture will get. And, if the longer it sits, then it’s to be like well-frozen ice cream.


How is honey be used at home?

Honey attracts and retains moisture. It is an ideal substance to used as a moisturizer, shampoo, and even conditioners.  It also contains antimicrobial properties which makes honey a perfect personal care product.  Here are a few tips to make use of honey at home.
  • Use honey as a hair conditioner. Mix honey with olive oil and work on a small amount through your wet hair until coated. Use a shower cap in covering your hair while waiting to sit for 30 minutes. Apply shampoo afterward and rinse .
  • You can come up with Honey Almond Scrub. Crushed with 6 tablespoons of almonds, a teaspoon of olive oil and 3 teaspoonfuls of honey needed to mix in a bowl. After mixing, rub it onto your face , then rinse with warm water.
  • Honey as Body Moisturizer. Mix 5 tablespoons of honey, 2 teaspoons of rose oil and 2 cups of almond oil. Apply when needed onto your wet skin.
These are three simple organic ways to maximize the uses of honey at home. You can actually change and create your own. Make sure you use raw unfiltered honey to see quick and best results. These homemade personal care products are useful especially during winter season.


What is Raw Unfiltered Honey?

Raw unfiltered honey comes from the beehive. And the sweetest liquid that only honeybees produce.  Honey when unheated, unprocessed, and unpasteurized serves as a good source of vitamins. Packed with a combination various of nutrients that are useful to improve nutrition, vitality, and energy. It can be also used for losing weight, anti-aging, and a lot more. To learn and know more about the benefits raw unfiltered honey offers, check out the 15 Health Benefits of Raw Unfiltered Honey You Might Not Know.



  1. Honey can treat coughs and colds

A cough and colds are a common problem among children, especially with those upper respiratory infections. It can affect sleep and quality of life, not only to children but their parents as well. Mainstream medication, but, is not always effective and sometimes can have side effects.
In fact, in one study shows that honey calms a cough better than other medicine does. The anti-bacterial properties in raw unfiltered honey are useful in the treatment of colds too. It lowers throat irritation and offers relief from the colds. A study conducted shows that unfiltered raw honey functions as good as a dose of dextromethorphan. Honey used as a suppressant for a cough; it reduces coughing at night and improves sleep.


  1. Honey can treat wounds

Since ancient Egypt times, applying honey to the skin uses to heal wounds and burns, and today it used. In the US, a specific kind of honey is being used especially in Derma Sciences. Known as Manuka honey which made from flowers of the Manuka bush (a medicinal plant native in New Zealand).
Any type of unprocessed honey helps wounds by creating a protective wall for wounds, skin ulcers, scrapes, sores, and burns. It fights infection and serves as an antiseptic. In fact, even in hospitals use honey on bandages to prevent infections.



  1. Honey improves your scalp

Honey is effective against flaky skin condition on your scalp since it is consider to be antibacterial and antifungal. It can help get rid flaky skin condition such as dandruff, eczema, and seborrheic dermatitis.
Dilute honey with a little warm water and apply this solution every other day for four weeks. You can see results within a week. Also, this can help those who suffered from hair loss.
  1. Honey reduces allergy symptoms

Locally sourced, unpasteurized honey is one of the best ways to soothe allergies. The compounds in the honey improve one’s tolerance to the pollens that are found in the local area. When you mix honey into cooled nettle tea, you’ll get an excellent remedy.


  1. Honey helps boost energy

A healthy, whole-food diet and proper sleep are the best recipes to boost one’s energy. But if you are looking for a quick and instant energy booster, especially before or after a hard work workout, then honey can suffice. Honey can offer athletes, particularly who are looking for a fast-fuel gulp to provide long duration energy.



  1. Honey serves as a cure for herpes wounds

Herpes is a communicable disease, and it’s transmitted from one person to another. It’s a chronic condition that affects moist surfaces of your skin. It can spread to your mouth, anus, genitals and even your eyes.
A virus is the leading cause of Herpes . Raw honey can offer good benefits to draw fluid away from the wound. It has a high sugar content that can suppress microorganisms to grow and spread. Once the honey gets contact with the wound, the enzymes releases low levels of hydrogen peroxide.


  1. Honey can help improve skin health

Raw unfiltered honey is a perfect cure for various skin conditions like rashes, burns, and abrasions. Apply the honey onto your skin and rinse with cold water. It makes your skin moisturized and leaving it soft and smooth.
It can also help clear off facial blemishes or acne. There is no need to buy expensive skin-care products since raw unfiltered honey contains antioxidants that fight against skin aging. Honey fights infection, balances moisture, and heals wounds, so it’s the ideal acne fighter. You pat a small amount of raw honey onto affected areas to help prevent and heal acne.


  1. Honey can fight against constipation

Raw unfiltered honey provides a relief from constipation, especially when there is a mixture of apple cider vinegar.
  1. Honey helps improve digestive and immune system

Raw unfiltered honey is rich in probiotics which provides fuel in the digestive system. Since raw honey is rich in probiotics, it can also serve as stimulating Bifidobacteria in the intestine. It is a type of bacteria known to improve digestive and immune health.
It is also known to fight against nausea and indigestion because it does not undergo fermentation in the stomach. To make it more enticing to drink, try making a digestion-boosting drink by mixing a teaspoon each of lemon juice. Mix it with apple cider vinegar and raw honey into a tall glass of water. Now if you got a problem with nausea, add a little squeezed ginger root juice, then drink two or three times daily.

Raw honey is a source of alkaline food containing vitamins, enzymes, and anti-oxidants. The alkalinity of this honey helps in fighting various diseases.


  1. Honey helps cuticle damage

Raw honey is a source of alkaline food containing vitamins, enzymes, and anti-oxidants. The alkalinity of this honey helps in fighting various diseases.
  1. Honey helps stabilize blood pressure and balance blood sugar levels

Eating raw honey can lead to a dramatic decline in blood pressure, which is an important risk factor for heart disease. Blood pressure is an important risk factor for heart disease, and honey may help lower it. This is because it contains antioxidant compounds that link to blood pressure lowering effects.
Studies show that eating honey improves heart disease risk factors in blood pressures and diabetics. But, it also raises blood sugar levels, so it cannot be considered as “.” It all comes in moderation.


  1. Honey soothes a sore throat

A sore throat caused many factors – a virus, bacteria, sinus drainage, allergies, muscle strain, breathing through the mouth, or even certain medications, such as antibiotics.
Honey is the first thing you should reach for when having a sore throat. Raw honey proves to have antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. Drinking tea or warm lemon water mixed with honey is a customary way to soothe a sore throat. But honey alone may be also an effective cough suppressant.

  1. Honey supports better sleep

Raw honey stimulates blood sugar stability to keep your sound asleep all night long. It also increases the production of the brain chemicals serotonin and melatonin to assist the well-being and overall healing.

  1. Honey is rich in antioxidants in It Are Linked to Other Beneficial Effects on Heart Health

The antioxidants in honey have link to beneficial effects on the heart. Including increased blood flow to the heart and a reduced risk of blood clot formation.


Is there Any Risk?

According to the National Institute of Health that the potential health risk of eating raw unfiltered honey is food poisoning called Botulism. It results in muscle weakness and breathing problems because of the bacterial microbes susceptible to contaminate unpasteurized honey. But, this is usually common to infants younger than 12 months old, or people with a weak immune system.
Symptoms of food poisoning from botulism include stomach cramps, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, and fever. If you experience any of these symptoms after consuming raw honey, you should contact your healthcare provider. Children and adults can consume raw honey because they have a healthier digestive system, which is not disturbed by the presence of microorganisms.
Raw unfiltered honey is one of the most appreciated and valued natural products introduced to humankind. Enough evidence exists recommending the use of honey in the management of disease conditions. Evidence confirming the use of honey in all areas of everyday needs.
Whether you want to meet your cravings for honey or used it as means to cure or whatnot. Raw honey is invaluable to every household, business or even personal consumption as a sweetener or as medicine.
This what makes raw honey popular: one can eat it, put it on bread like a jam, mix it with juice or any drink instead of sugar, or mix it with warm water, lime juice, cinnamon, and other herbs to make a medicine. All love and enjoy eating honey because of its taste as well as its health benefits. Making it very beneficial and versatile.



Testosterone Booster Ideas: Tips to Increase Testosterone Levels Naturally

testosterone booster ideas

Testosterone is the main sex hormone of the males. It plays a major role in the development of the reproductive tissues of the male like the prostate and the testis. The testosterone also promotes the male’s secondary sexual characteristics such as an increase in the bone mass, broadening of the muscles, and the growth of the body hair.

Overall, testosterone facilitates the health and well-being of the males. If the testosterone level of the males is insufficient, it might possibly lead to abnormalities like ‘hypogonadism‘ and infertility.

Through the years, the number of males with low testosterone level is increasing. One factor is the age of the men. There are various methods to treat such issues like using supplements, changing the diet, exercising, and undergoing testosterone replacement therapy (TRT).

In this article, we’ll discuss what is testosterone and what are some of the tips to boost the testosterone level of the men.

10 Reasons Why Your Children Should Learn Martial Arts

River Attack Boxing Children Fight Martial Arts

Martial arts are a set of combat practices that have been in the tradition of many cultures for thousands of years. It is a form of self-defense, enforcement of the law, and mental and physical development. In addition, martial arts can be played to entertain people and it is taught to children to preserve the cultural heritage of the nation.

The term Martial Arts originally means ‘Arts of Mars’ in Latin. Mars is the Roman God of war. Although historians argue that the name should be ‘Fighting Arts’ instead of ‘Martial Arts’ since the system itself are never ‘Martial’ or used by professional warriors, still it has become the dominating term.

In this article, we will know the history of this combat practice, what are its different types, and why children should learn it now.

The Top 5 Amazing Small Compact Treadmills Ever!

Compact treadmills are now becoming a thing. What are these, you may ask? Well, they are just regular treadmills but are made more convenient. It is another addition to the unending amazing discoveries. In the world of fitness and health, treadmills are no strangers. They are the number one go-to equipment for cardio exercises.

I am sure you had some times wherein you were lazy to go to the gym. Perhaps, everybody who engages in physical fitness have had their lazy days. It is also without a doubt that you will drown yourself in regret for not going to before bedtime. Compact treadmills can be the solution to your problem!

Is it True that Steroids are Illegal?

It has been an ongoing discussion whether steroids are legal or illegal. There are steroids that are considered both legal and illegal. As a matter of fact, doctors sometimes prescribe steroids to patients. However, if we are talking about building muscle, there is no such thing as a legal steroid. Well, at least, for now.

If you are in to considering the use of steroids, it is best to always do research. Educate yourself with the pros and cons of steroids. How is it helpful and beneficial for a person? We will later on find out.

What are Steroids?

Steroid is a type of organic compound that aligns to create a particular molecular configuration. Dietary lipid cholesterol and sex hormones such as testosterone are great examples of steroids.

Biologically, steroids function in two ways. First, they are vital components of a cell membrane which is responsible for membrane fluidity. On the other hand, they signal certain molecules that activates the steroid hormone receptors.

Enough about the technical, scientific side of steroids. That only serves as a simple review for us to know the nature of steroids. Now, let us move forward to the part to which we all want to understand.

According to the Encyclopedia

Steroids are important chemical compounds and they play a key role in bodily processes. They are produced naturally in animals as well as artificially in labs. Each steroid type has a slightly different arrangement of atoms.

Steroids influence bodily metabolism and help form certain vitamins and other important substances. Anabolic steroids are produced in labs from the male hormone testosterone. Some athletes use this drug as well as others to increase strength and bodily weight.

Use of steroids may lead to liver damage, high blood pressure, aggressive behavior and the appearance of male physical characteristics in females and vice versa. (2000 Ed. 894)

The Two Major Kinds of Steroids

Steroids for body building or any other muscle alteration has been always considered illegal. It has never failed to be part of the hot topics discussed every year. There are two common kinds of steroids:

  • Anabolic Steroid
  • Catabolic Corticosteroid

Catabolic Corticosteroid

On the other hand, Catabolic Corticosteroid is only used whenever necessary or the need arises. Its main purpose is for anti-inflammatory medication. Basically, it helps prevent inflammation in affected parts of the body.

This type of steroid is produced in the adrenal gland which is located in the upper area from the kidney. The Catabolic Corticosteroid includes the Aldosterone and Cortisol hormones. The Aldosterone is responsible for regulating the sodium concentration of the body. While, the Cortisol is in-charge of preventing or alleviating any inflammations of the body.

Normally, Catabolic Corticosteroid are prescribed by doctors to treat certain health conditions such as asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, systematic lupus erythematosus, inflammatory bowel disease and other inflammation-related health conditions.

Anabolic Steroid

Anabolic steroids are a kind of hormone induced orally or through injection regularly. Steroids have become an integral part of body or muscle building. For the reason that Anabolic steroids are mainly used for building more muscles. Its major function allows the body’s hormonal system to produce additional testosterone.

Testosterone is usually co-related to men alone. However, that is the common misconception that people get. As a matter of fact, both men and women have testosterone in their bodies. Only that women have a lower count of testosterone when compared to that of men.

So, Anabolic Steroids are significantly helpful when it comes to producing additional hormones, that are called testosterone, in the testicles and ovaries.

Androgenic/Anabolic Steroids

This classification of steroid has actually two properties aside from its Anabolic side. It has also androgenic effects as well. The androgenic part of this testosterone is highly responsible for developing male attributes to whoever intakes the steroid. While, the anabolic property of the testosterone is in charge of further activating the protein production, to which it then increases the amount of body tissues.

The only time when anabolic/androgenic are considered legal is through a doctor’s  or any legal health care provider’s prescription. There are some health conditions in which it requires the extra production of testosterone. So, it is allowable to use such steroid.

The Uses of Steroids in a Scientific Point of View

Legal Uses

Anabolic Steroids or Anabolic-androgenic steroids are the synthetic form of the naturally produced hormone called Testosterone. Basically, they function to increase the growth of bodily muscles, which pertains to the Anabolic effect. As for the Androgenic effect, it develops male-like features for the person using it.

This kind of steroids is considered legal if prescribed by a doctor. The only time when this steroid becomes necessary is when a patient suffers from an abnormal level of testosterone. In addition, steroids are also prescribed to patients who suffer from cancer or AIDS.

Muscles Reaction on Steroids

When a person lifts weight, more than the average weight it could possibly carry, the muscles tears up slowly. In order to repair the torn down muscles, a process called Muscular Hypertrophy happens.

Muscular Hypertrophy, in simple terms, is the process when growth and increase of the size of muscle cells happen. The body is able to repair the torn muscles naturally. Then, counterbalances it by adding bigger cells to develop stronger fiber. It is only important to clarify that Muscular Hypertrophy does not “add muscle fibers”. But, it increases both the size and number of proteins to overcompensate the muscle fiber.

As you continue to tear down your muscles and repeated Muscular Hypertrophy takes place, that is when your muscle begins to grow. The main ingredient for this process is Testosterone. Anabolic steroids serve as the supplement factor.

The difference in variants and amount of Anabolic steroids can cause varying reactions. It could either produce massive body-building features or more toned athletic muscles (i.e., Barry Bonds vs. A-Rod). Athletes experiment with different combinations (called stacking) or regimens (pyramiding) in an attempt to fine-tune the final result.

When does a Steroid become Illegal?

The steroid becomes illegal when it is outside of medical-related circumstance. Supposedly, it should only be accessed when directly prescribed by your doctor.

However, steroids have now become highly illegal because of abusive uses. Many people who are fitness enthusiasts often abuse the use of steroids. They use it to boost their energy for increased performance. Mostly, they use this type of steroid for body and muscle development.

Although, anabolic/androgenic steroid have its fair share of health benefits. If used abusively, it can give off some serious consequences or side effects. What is worse is that when these hormones enter your body, it could be difficult to reverse the effects that they will make on your body.

Some of the Side Effects include:
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Increased levels in the Cholesterol
  • Heart trouble
  • Liver failure
  • Severe Acne or Skin-related problems
  • Baldness
  • Emotional Instability which may result from Violent or Aggressive behavior

There are numerous of kinds of steroids available. Each delivers a different effect to a person. Some are used to boost the energy further. While, others are used to develop the muscles and make them bigger. There are also steroids that directly acts as the testosterone of the body. Also, there are steroids which helps the body to produce more of the hormone. Either ways, the final outcome of it are all the same. For the reason that, increasing your testosterone levels will affect your body in general.

Steroids in the Sense of Body Building or Muscle Development

Do you ever wonder how bodybuilders are able to reach that certain size of their muscles? It seems nearly impossible as you may think. Nonetheless, the way that their body is developed looks like that it was systematically sculpted to create such toned and unbelievable muscles.

Exercise can be a tool for you to achieve such results. But, for some reason it is not enough. You can settle for just exercising alone, yet, it might take you a longer period of time to achieve the body that you are aiming for.

That is why bodybuilders, athletes and a like considered the use of anabolic steroids. This is to significantly speed up their body building process. Also, it is a way for them to reach their body goals in a shorter period of time.

However, some might tend to get lost in the moment and lose their focus from what should be really achieved. Of course, if you will begin to see the results that you want, you would not want to stop. Not to mention, having bigger and bigger muscles are indeed alluring. Therefore, you would want more of it! Hence, the tendency to abuse the use of such steroids. This is where it is now to be considered illegal.

The Effects of Excessively Using Steroids

Steroids releases a specific hormone in the human body called Testosterone.

First and foremost, our body is already capable of producing such hormone. For the men, they have a higher level of Testosterone count. Hence, their masculine figure, male physical attributes, voice getting deeper and other man-like features. As for the women, they are more on estrogen but they also have testosterone too. But, the Testosterone for the females are low in count.

Hence, if ever a person, whether a male or a female, intakes steroids, their Testosterone level will increase. Thus, it will lead to the development of male-like features for whoever takes them.

Hormonal System

Having too much of steroids can disrupt the natural production of hormones in your body. Majority of our hormones allow the changes and development in our body. If this feature of our body gets disrupted, irreversible effects are likely to happen.

Male Effects:
Female Effects:
  • Reduce body fat
  • Breasts will become smaller
  • Coarser Skin
  • Enlargement of the Clitoris
  • Voice will deepen
  • Excessive hair growth in the body

Are there Legal Steroids?

If there are illegal steroids, it is likely to happen that there are also legal ones. However, there is only less than a handful of steroids that are considered legal.

You have been working out intensely in the gym and for sure, you definitely want to achieve those body goals you want. At some point along the duration of your workout journey, you might already be considering using steroids along with your workout. But, you are hesitant because of all the illegal steroids that are scattering. Fortunately, there are steroids that are not only made legal and accessible. But, they do not carry those unwanted side effects.

Crazy Bulk Steroids

The Crazy Bulk legal steroids promises you the opposite of what the illegal steroids offer. With Crazy Bulk, you can achieve the body goals you want. While, at the same time having the piece of mind. You will not worry no more about the nasty side effects it will give you or belonging to the illegal section of the state.

Crazy Bulk is a leading online supplier of top oral steroids all in lower prices. They offer variations of legal steroids that are designed to meet your needs. Currently, they are topping off the market with their fast and free shipping in both the U.S and the U.K.

It is fairly understandable that at this point, you may still doubt its credibility. Who could blame you? The internet is filled with shady and fishy transactions. Not to mention, fraudulent websites that give you extra, low quality products that can sometimes be already considered harmful. Also, they promise you with all these benefits but in the end, it does not do anything or do you good in any aspect.

Even though that has been the common scenario for many years now, do not lose hope because you might just have found the key to your dream body. Crazy Bulk is the best legal steroids supplier out there. They guarantee you nothing but the best quality and results!

The Wonders of Crazy Bulk

If you are into body building and fitness as we are, it is without a doubt that you might be familiar with bulking and cutting cycle. If yes, then Crazy Bulk is the optimum choice to achieve such.

You would want to add as much muscles as you can make possible. While, at the same time cutting the right amount of fat in order to maintain the lean and strong muscles you have. With Crazy Bulk, you can do just that!

In conclusion, Crazy Bulk has proven its reputation to be reliable and effective. It offers a credible and competent line-up of oral, legal steroids that are perfect for your body building needs.

Crazy Mass

Crazy Mass is another legal steroid manufacturer that provides you with another option just in case. It is not too far off different from Crazy Bulk. Since, both suppliers promises high-quality and legal products.

Crazy Mass comes in two stacks. The Cutting stack and the Bulking stack. Each are designed to help you to the goal that you are up for. If you want leaner and stronger muscles, then you go for the Crazy Mass Cutting Stack. But, if you want to be as close as Arnold Schwarzenegger or Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and have those huge and well-sculpted muscles, then choose the Crazy Mass Bulking Stack.

Each stack is composed of different combinations of supplements that are designed to either help you cut down or bulk up.

The Advantage of Crazy Mass

The one unique feature that makes Crazy Mass a good choice is its all-natural formula. Basically, it follows an all-natural process while still mimicking the effects of the chemically-produced steroids.


Steroids, in general, are considered illegal. Particularly, the anabolic-androgenic steroids. They are only considered legal when prescribed by a licensed doctor for medical purposes.

However, if you are really considering the use of steroids, there are two quality-picked steroids that are proven legal. Crazy Bulk and Crazy Mass.

Probiotics may prevent ADHD and Autism according to recent studies

Probiotics can prevent ADHD and Autism

Probiotics are live bacteria that can help people who suffer from autism and ADHD. When probiotics are administered in an adequate amount, it can benefit the host such as the human being, this is according to the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2011.

The concept of probiotics was started by Dr. Elie Metchnikoff in 1907. When Dr. Metchnikoff came to Bulgaria, Europe, he found out that the natives can live up to old ages despite poverty and poor weather conditions. He figured out that their health condition could be because of the bacteria found in sour milk.

Dr. Metchnikoff discovered that the sour milk has been fermented and a bacteria which he later named as ‘Lactobacillus Bulgaricus’ has grown. That said milk has anti-aging benefits which made the natives live longer than the richer European families.

The study about these microorganisms became popular and further investigation was made by other scientists. Traditional fermented products like kefir, kombucha, sauerkraut, and kimchi have been discovered as well to include probiotics.

Meanwhile, the first commercially produced probiotic was the Yakult. It is a fermented milk with ‘Lactobacillus Casei.’ Yakult was created at Shirota, Japan in 1935 and it spread throughout the world. Apart from milk and yogurt, there are non-dairy products available in the market such as snack bars and cereals with probiotics. In addition, probiotics are also available in vitamins and food supplements.

These live microorganisms can regulate blood pressure, boost the immune system, prevent respiratory infections, help one lose weight, solve urinary tract infection, reduce diarrhea and stop irritable bowel movement. It can also help solve skin problems such as eczema, lessen tooth decay, decrease baby colic, and improve psychological health.

Amazingly, studies show that taking up probiotics can help prevent and regulate ADHD and autism. We will find out in this article how true are those claims:

Top Ten Foods that are Healthy and Rich in Probiotics

Top Ten Foods that are rich in Probiotics.

Probiotics are live microorganisms that are similar to the bacteria which is present in our gastrointestinal tract and in our foods. The lower digestive tract teams with a diverse community of bacteria in our body. As a matter of fact, there are more bacteria than cells in our body.

However, not all bacteria are good. There are also bad bacteria that can cause illnesses whenever the good bacteria is out of balance. This can cause weight issues, stomach problems, skin conditions, and other chronic health diseases.

Probiotics have been popular nowadays because it can give many health benefits. It can regulate blood pressure, help one lose weight, solve baby colic, prevent skin diseases, and others. Probiotics are available as a supplement and it is also available in our foods.

In this article, we’ll learn what are some of the foods that are rich in probiotics: