Best Weight Loss Workout That Every Women Should Try Now

Best Weight Loss Workout That Every Women Should Try Now

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Weight loss programs are very popular today. These programs are 75% determination and 25% perspiration. It is a set of exercises to improve one’s health and performance which can be done in the gym, outdoors, or inside your house.

Nowadays, more women are focusing on fitness and weight loss programs because of various reasons.

Weight loss routines can help women prevent diseases and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Women play various roles in the society and they are prone to diseases as they age. Thus, a workout program can inspire them to eat, think, and live healthily.

It can boost their self-confidence and land their dream job too. According to research, fit women are more confident to compete in job hiring. Fitness has become a factor in having a job because you can show to employers that you have discipline in maintaining a fit body.

A fit body can enable women to wear their favorite clothes on and shine brightly in their home, school, or office. Indeed, weight loss is more than having a fit physical appearance but it is also about bringing a positive outlook in life.

In this article, we will discuss the best workout for women’s weight loss. Check it out below:

Aerobic or Endurance Exercise for Weight loss

The first type of workout for women’s weight loss is the Aerobic or Endurance. This type of exercise increases your heart rate up, work your cardiovascular system, and makes you breathe harder.

According to the guidelines of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), adults must do at least 2 hours and 30 minutes of physical activity each week. You can break up this time by doing 30 minutes of physical activity, 5 days per week. You can also combine several aerobic exercises such as walking, running, and swimming to come up with one workout plan for a week.

Meanwhile, in doing the exercise, one must start low and progress slow. This will prevent any injuries as you do the aerobic exercises.

Here are some examples of aerobic exercises:


Basketball is one of the ball sports which is very popular in the United States. It allows you to burn excess calories, strengthen the muscles, and improve body coordination.

It includes running up and down on the court, shooting the ball in the hoop, dribbling, and passing the ball. Basketball involves high-intensity activity, fast breaks, and sudden movements which can effectively burn more than 450 calories per hour.

You can play basketball alone, with a partner, or with a team. Always start with a warm up by doing free throws for 10 minutes. Warm will prepare you for an intense workout which is the ‘suicide’.


Cycling can burn the abundant calories in the body and reduce the total body mass with a combination of proper diet. It is a low impact aerobic exercise and it is easier on the joints than running.

It can be done by riding a bicycle outdoors or using a stationary bike inside your home or gym. You can cycle on long distances using low resistance or you can cycle on the hills for a short period of time.

The calories burned on cycling depends upon the duration of the workout and your weight. Stationary cycles can burn fewer calories than real bikes, however, stationary bikes can track your progress for you.


Dancing can help women’s weight loss goals. It is fun to do and it can burn calories. There are various dance choices that will help you on your weight loss journey than other types of exercises. However, just like all types of aerobic exercises, dancing must be done with right diet to see good results.

Here are some of the different types of dances to try on your weight loss plans:

  1. Zumba: Zumba is one of the most-loved dance exercises nowadays. You can do this individually. You just need to wear your tight jeans, shoes and fit blouse. Zumba is a combination of different dances and aerobics with repetitive moves. On Zumba, you are exercising your whole body and you can sweat a lot in just a few minutes. Full Zumba routine takes 45 minutes to one hour.
  2. Ballet: One of the classic dances that can make you lose weight is Ballet. It is usually done with an instructor because of its delicate movies. The slow movements help you create a better posture and stance. Also, ballet enables you to tone your muscles and have a firmer body. You can dance the ballet by yourself or with a partner.  
  3. Salsa: Salsa is a very popular dance of the Latin American culture. The music is lively and upbeat. Studies show that you can burn up to 400 calories dancing Salsa alone. This type of dance includes swaying of the hips, cha-cha-cha routine and shaking of the hands.
  4. Samba: Samba is another type of dance that you can try to lose weight. It originated in Brazil but become popular throughout the world. The dance moves include a combination of feet stomping, swaying of the hips and flexing of the hands. Samba can be danced with or without a partner.
  5. Hip-hop: Hip-hop is a modern dance routine that you can try at home or whenever you wanted to dance. It includes dancing on a very fast beat, stomping of the feet and clapping of the hands. Hip-hop was popularized in the western world and was widely used by all people worldwide. Hip-hop is best danced with a group of people.
  6. Belly Dancing: This is an erotic dance type and it includes the swaying of our belly. It is a very good dance to lose weight because all of your body parts are moving. Shaking the belly allows you to burn around 300 to 400 calories. It also helps in maintaining good posture and it strengthens the muscles in the abdomen and your back too.
  7. Pole Dancing: Lastly, pole dancing is an effective dance to lose weight. Your muscles build up as you dance and balance your body in the pole.

To lose weight by dancing, try to do this at least 20 minutes for 4 to 5 days per week. Start with a 5-minute warm-up and end with a 5-minute cooldown.  Find a good music with the proper beat that suits your dance steps. You can check out the online dance videos or enroll in a dance class near you.

Jogging or running

Running or jogging can help you burn calories and lose weight.

For example, a 30 minute run at 6 miles per hour can burn 270 calories. When jogging or running, incorporate speed intervals instead of having a consistent pace. You can add sprinting or inclines in between.

Remember, the harder you run, the more calories you will burn and ultimately this will result in lesser weight.


Swimming is another form of aerobic exercise that can tone your muscles, burn calories, and help you lose weight. It improves the cardiovascular system which is helpful especially for adults. It strengthens the heart and the lungs and prevents cardiovascular diseases.

A half hour of swimming can burn 9o to 550 calories, depending on your weight, exertion, and age.

Start your session with a warm-up and swimming a few lengths at the pool. Change your strokes from time to time to add interest. Take few breaks in between and gradually extend your lengths every session.

Apart from helping women lose weight, aerobic exercises can improve the health of the lungs, heart, and the circulatory system.

Aerobic exercises can make the heart pump more blood, increase the levels of good cholesterol, and reduce the clogging of the arteries. It can reduce the risk of several cardiovascular diseases as well as diabetes.

Furthermore, studies also show that doing aerobic exercises can reduce the risk of having cancer and death.

Strength Exercises

Strength training works the muscles of the body by using resistance. It can burn calories, increase lean muscles, and lose weight.

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), strength exercises must be done at least two days per week. It should involve all of the major muscles in the body including the hips, back, legs, abdomen, shoulders, chest, and arms. In addition, for each muscle group, do 8 to 12 repetition of exercises to get the best results.

Meanwhile, in doing the strength exercises, make sure that you have the correct posture and body position to avoid injuries. You can ask assistance from a professional so you can perform the exercises accurately.

If you are just starting to workout, start with a light load that you can lift for a few repetition. Once it becomes easy for you to lift it, gradually add some weight until it becomes comfortable for you.

Here are some examples of strength exercises that you can combine and turn into a regular workout:

Push-ups and Pull-ups

Push-ups are one of the most popular arm exercises that don’t require any tools or equipment. It is a great way to build core muscles too.

To do this, make sure that your body is aligned properly and is parallel to the ground. Your back should be flat and your core must be strong. Next, point your toes and put your hands and palms on the ground, making sure that it is shoulder-width apart.

Then, start pushing the floor and lift your body high. You can pause a few seconds while your body is in the air. You can do this workout for 10 reps of 3 sets. Be sure to pause for 30 seconds in between sets and catch your breath.

There are many variations of the push-up. If you are a beginner, you can try push-up while kneeling on the floor. You can do this by starting in a push-up position but bending your knees.

Another exercise to try is pull-ups. You can do this at home using a metal bar. To start this, place your hands apart in the metal bar. Make sure that your arms are shoulder width apart. Next, while holding firmly the bar, lift your body until your chin reaches the level of the metal bar. You can do this routine for 10 reps in 3 sets.

Pull-ups must be done carefully so you won’t hurt your body. Make sure to have some rest while doing it and breathe accordingly. You can also have water break in between each set.

Using resistance bands

You can use resistance bands available in the market or just use old bands from your house.

This is an isolation exercise which is great for developing triceps and other parts of the upper body. To start, grab the two ends of the band and place the center of the elastic band beneath your foot. Then, slowly lift your elbows and arms to shoulder level as you pull the bands above. Do this for 20 reps and switch to another foot.

Slowly get back to the starting position and do this is 4 sets. Make sure to break in between sets too.


Weightlifting allows you to burn calories, develop lean muscles, and lose weight in short yet intense periods.

Research has found out that weightlifting can burn about 40% of body fat than aerobic exercises. You can also have stronger bones, get into shape faster, and have a healthy heart.

You can use the dumbbells, barbells, and weight machine to do weightlifting. The number of sets and repetitions can affect the outcome of your workout.

If you do 1-5 reps, you can build dense muscles. If you do 6 to 12 reps, you can build equal amounts of muscular endurance. Meanwhile, 12 and above reps can build bigger muscular size.

Strength exercises can help weight loss and increase the lean muscle mass. It can also prevent the loss of muscles because as a person loses his weight, the muscle can lose too.

It can increase the strength of the muscles which will help oneself to make everyday activities better. These exercises can also lower the risk of injury because muscles can support the joints.

Second, strength exercises can increase the density of the bones and reduce the risk of bone problems like osteoporosis.

Lastly, strength exercises can help someone become healthy by lowering blood sugar levels and improve the sensitivity to insulin.


To enable effective weight loss, one should not only focus on the food that he is eating but also on the kind of exercises he is doing every day. Exercising is a tough activity but one can learn to love it when he has already mastered the routine little by little.

Here are some tips on how everyday workout routine for weight loss must be done:

  1. Flex your body: Start your everyday workout with warming up and stretching for few minutes. Start with warming up above your head, arms, and legs. Flex your body but make sure to do it gently. Do some stretching and flexing for around thirty minutes. You can also do the warm-up exercises with your music on so you can enjoy it better.
  2. Do some Cardio: Next step is to do some cardio exercises. Start with walking on the treadmill then switch to running. You can also try bike cycling and aerobics. Do the cardio exercises for around thirty to forty-five minutes. Do light cardio workout to heavy workout. Remember that in cardio exercises, your heartbeat will surely increase thus you need to be hydrated. Drink water during intervals but make sure not to overdrink. Also, bring some clean towel so you can wipe your sweaty body whenever you’re on the height of your exercises.
  3. Fuel up through Muscle Training: After doing cardio, tone your muscles. You can do this by lifting some weights in the gym or in your house. You can start with your arms. Start with flexing, pulling and bending your biceps. Next, work with your core. Do some planking and crunches. Then down to your legs by doing sit-ups, squats, and lunges.
  4. Cool Down: Before you end your workout, try to cool down your body. Do this by having a light walk or a light jog. Make sure that you will not go for a heavy exercise in cooling down because your aim is to gradually take rest and bring your heartbeat in a normal beating.

Consider as well checking with your doctor or personal trainer regarding your daily workout routine. Also, check if morning or evening routine works best for you. Know your body and limit what kind of workout you must have. Set realistic goals so that you will be guided with your workout every day.