Martial Arts has been around for many centuries. There are a number of variations under Martial Arts. To name a few these are the Taekwondo, Karate, Aikido, Jiu-Jitsu, Kickboxing and Wrestling.  Despite its complexity and differences they also share one common similarity. This is, to aid a person in weight loss.

Losing weight is a very difficult mission to accomplish. It can potentially take up most of your time, effort and attention. Aside from that, it even causes psychological problems to a person especially, for the female kind. There are a number of factors why it can trigger a person to lose weight. This maybe because of how media shapes up beauty, health-related problems, insecurities, the need to belong, validation for beauty and physique and a lot more.

Irregardless of what reason that may be, it is okay to let yourself lose some weight. If that will make you happy and feel confident about yourself then go ahead. That is why this article brings you another twist on how to shed off those extra pounds.

Often than not, people resort to cardio exercises when they think of losing weight. Yes, it does work and is effective if you want to lose those pounds. But, another way to shed off those weight while at the same time building strength, toning muscles and increasing mass is through Martial Arts.


A household name that is well-renowned and directly associated to Martial Arts is Bruce Lee. He is one of the biggest Hollywood names that made Martial Arts even more visible in our world. Martial Arts is recognized as an art of how the body moves. It takes regular and vigorous training to perfect Martial Arts.

Although, whenever we hear the term Martial Arts we automatically think it is the means of fighting by Eastern Asia. Where in fact, it was originated in Europe during the 1550’s.

Martial Arts is considered to be a systematized form of training for combat and self-defense. However, all these variations of Martial Arts share one common purpose. The purpose is to teach trainees on how to defeat opponent and defend themselves. The term Martial Arts is derived from the name of the Roman god of war who is Mars.


People of the ancient times have always engaged themselves in combat, fighting and war. Because of that, people were subjected to learn a type of means to defend themselves and fight all on their own. Hence, different variations of fighting had evolved because of that manner. But then, people have still instilled in their minds that Martial Arts originated from Asia.

However, during the year 600 BC a trade between India and China had started. Theoretically, it is found that an exchange of information pertaining Martial Arts took place. India passed on Martial Arts knowledge to China and China did so too.

Martial Arts can be classified into five kinds: Striking or stand-up styles, grappling, weapon-based techniques, low impact methods and MMA.


You should try to engage yourself in Martial Arts because it would be a whole new level of experience. Not to mention, aside from the experience you will be getting, Martial Arts actually is beneficial to one’s health. So, you will not be only losing those extra pounds of yours. But, you will also be achieving a more healthy lifestyle as you go on with it. You will find below the reasons why Martial Arts can be your number one choice.

Overall Body Exercise

Martial Arts challenges every muscle you have in your body. It is considered as a high-aerobic exercise that lets you maximize your fullest potentials. Not only that, it also improves your flexibility, balance, coordination and stamina. Furthermore, it sheds off those extra weight as your muscles begin to tone up.

Healthier Lifestyle

Once a person begins to start exercising, that person automatically develops a consciousness with the food s/he is consuming. Therefore, not only you improve your physical appearance but you also benefit the other functions of your body. Also, you improve your cardiovascular health because of the rigorous training involved in martial arts. This is done through eating healthier and being conscious about your overall lifestyle, in general. You will be more aware, inspired and motivated to keep on living healthily. Especially, to the point if you begin to see and feel the results. This is not only felt when you engage in martial arts training, but this can be achieved through working out in general.

A Boost in Self-Confidence

If not all, most, individual started working out with a primary reason – to improve. What we mean about this improvement is improving in all forms, improve their health, physique and themselves. Through martial arts training, you are taught how to set goals, are encouraged positively and develop a deeper sense of confidence. Since you are being taught how to defend yourselves and fight back, in the long run, you will begin to feel that you are capable of anything. It is psychologically proven that engaging in exercise, can indeed increase a person’s confidence.

Develop Faster Reflexes

Since, martial arts programs are all physically challenging, you get to enhance significantly on how your body moves and reacts. Not only you improve physically, but mentally as well. This is vitally essential on almost all our daily activities. Such as, driving, crossing the street and other physical activities.

Weight Loss

The very goal of this article is to tell you on how martial arts can aid you in weight loss. It has been proven that an hour spent on martial arts training can burn up to 600-1000 calories. This is due to the overall body performance it requires you to do during training.

Now that this article have enlightened you with the advantages of what martial arts can do, let us now learn the different martial workouts for an effective weight loss.


Yes, there are many options to choose from when you think about losing weight. But, the only edge that Martial Arts can do for you is that it not only helps you lose weight, it also teaches you self-defense and essential values and upbringing that are very helpful in the long run.

Muay Thai

Muay Thai is known for on how it makes use of the legs and feet as the primary tool for combat. It is recognized for its brutality and strength when it comes to kicking. Not only that, but it also makes use of the knees and elbows. Basically, Muay Thai is just a very simple workout. It does not require fancy or complicated techniques as oppose to other Martial Arts.

This particular workout revolves around the basics of punching, kicking and knee movements. Yes, it is basic, but in a very extraordinary way. A way that can challenge you physically.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

This particular form of Jiu Jitsu is recognized because of its grappling styles. It is more characterized by painful throws, takedowns, chokes, locking of joints and overall body manipulation techniques.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is helpful if you want to lose weight. Why? Because it demands a whole new level of physical maneuvering. It makes use of both aerobic and anaerobic functionalities.


Wrestling is relatively similar to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. In the form that, it does not utilize punching or kicking as a method for self-defense. But, it revolves around controlling your opponents movement and limiting into a position wherein your opponent can no longer tolerate.

This form of Martial Arts is one of the most popular ones out there. Because, up until today, it is shown daily in our TV screens and even has its own channel.

It is a great workout for weight loss because it requires another level of strength and endurance from you.


Another olympic sport that follows after Judo is the Taekwondo. The Taekwondo revolves around the use of the feet and legs, primarily. It is all about launching “almost” deadly kicks to your opponents. It may sound simple because it is focused more on kicking alone. But, mind you that Taekwondo carries a lot of kicking techniques.

With that, it challenges your balance, flexibility and stamina through only using your feet. You develop a different level of strength and endurance because your sense of control and discipline is also being trained.

This can help you in losing weight because it requires an extensive amount of power and speed. The speed to move to and fro, given a limited amount of space and the power to explosively throw kicks to your opponent. It is very physically demanding because you are focusing on the largest, not to mention, the heaviest part of your body which is your legs. The more your heart beats faster, the higher the calories you are burning.

MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)

By the way it is called, it is safe to say that this will be the most top demanding and challenging martial arts form of all. Because it does not only makes use of one technique. But, it is a combination of all martial arts technique out there.

All these combinations are uniquely systematized to form a distinct style of its own. What makes MMA standout among the others especially in the goal of weight loss is its versatility. You are trained and taught of more than a handful of skills and techniques. Furthermore, the increase in demand for speed, endurance, flexibility and strength.


Enrolling yourself in training Martial Arts may require a huge risk due to the level of danger it carries physically. But, it will be worth more than anything because you are not only achieving a toned body and healthier lifestyle. You are also equipping yourself with a lifetime knowledge and skills on self-defense.

If not mistaken, every gym offers Martial Arts training. Grab a pair of guts and start as soon as you can. It will be all worth it.