The Top 30 Fitness Tips You Must Start Doing

The Top 30 Fitness Tips You Must Start Doing

Are you tired of doing the exercise routine that do not give you the results you have been dreaming of? Are you one of the thousands of people who have the determination, drive and effort to reach their body goals? If this sounds familiar, then you need to follow the tips on these articles, as these have been tried by people who experienced great results after doing these exercise routines and health practices. Here are the top 30 fitness tips you need to follow:

1. Exchange a Steady-State Cardio for Interval Training

The road to a healthier and leaner body is not a very long and slow march. A steady-state cardio needs to be exerted with effort compared to interval training. A fifteen to twenty minute interval training can burn many calories compared to the traditional steady-state cardio exercises. Interval exercises can keep your body burning even after the workout has been done.

2. Prepare Your Core Before Performing Your Exercise Routine

Your core is a very important part of your body, as it contains a system of muscles that wraps your whole torso and it helps stabilize your body, protects your spine from getting injured and it helps you keep your body upright. With this, you must prepare your core before every exercise routine. Warm your core up to keep your back healthy and maintain a rigid body position.

3. Trade Your Machine Exercise With Free Weights

Exercise machines are usually built with a specific weight, which is not made for you. If the exercise machine do not fit you well, then it is more likely for you to get injured or develop body weaknesses. So, it would be best for you to trade your exercise machine for things like barbells, dumbbells and medicine balls to strengthen your muscles in ways that will be more specific for your body.

4. Slide Your Blades Down and Back
By sliding your shoulder down and back before doing your exercise routine, you can improve your fitness results and protect your body from getting injured. By doing this, you r lats are becoming activated for pulling out several exercises for the day. It also keeps your chest up during the squat exercises which reduces pains.

5. Increase Your Motion
Try to add more work to each of your exercise and you will be able to increase the efficiency of your daily workout after you increase the range of motion. You can try to squat deeper and even drop the weight until you almost reach the floor. Elevate your back and front foot during lunges.

6. Move The Weight Quickly
The slow lifting trend in exercises should be confined to the eccentric, as it is the easy part of any exercise routine. Try to move your body quickly whenever you push, pull, jump or press. You will notice that moving the weight quickly will turn on your fast-twitch muscles, which will make your body become athletic and train it to use the fats as fuel.

7. Use Several Joints When Moving
The single-joint exercises like triceps extensions and biceps curls will help buils your muscles but in a slow way. Trade these exercises for those routines that works out several joints and muscles in your body. The squats will help you build your legs and back, the bent-over exercise will build your back and your biceps and the narrow-grip bench exercise will help you train your triceps while sculpting your chest.

8. Mix Grips With More Reps
Try switching your hands whenever you are doing the exercise routines even before your legs and back give up when performing chin ups, dead-lifts, bent-over barbell rows and inverted rows. Keep on alternating your grips to rest the other hand.

9. Load One Side To Work On Your Core

As we stated, your core stabilizes your entire body, which is why you need to help it work at its best. You can work your abs without crunches by loading one side of your body. You may hold weights on one shoulder while lunging and press a dumbbell during your shoulder press exercise.

10. Perform Push-ups
Push-ups is actually one of the best exercises in the world and you must do it properly to get the best out of it. In doing push-ups, you must maintain a rigid body line from your head to your heels throughout the push-up exercise. You must keep your elbows tucked on your sides as you lower your body down and push back up while keeping your body firm.

11. Lift Heavy Weights
Carrying more weight on your body would not make your body look bulky, but it will make your muscles stronger and protect your bones from osteoporosis by increasing its bone density.

To get the best benefit for your bones, you must lift at least 60 to 70 percent of your one-rep for each weight lift. But, you must choose a weight that you can perform for at least eight to 12 times.

12. Master Your Hip Hinges
When you are lowering your body in a squat or a dead lift variation, imagine that you need to open a door with the use of your butt. This will help you activate the musles in your lower body.

13. Turn To Chocolate Milk After a Workout
Skip eating meals after working out and just drink a tall glass of chocolate milk as it contains the ideal mix of nutrients you need in your body.

14. Do Your Lifts and Runs
You will burn more fats if you perform your strength training before your cardio exercises. According to a Japanese study, men who lifted and ran have burned more fats than those who did not life at all.

15. Run the Hills To Burn The Fats Faster
More muscles in the body means more results are being shown by the exercise routine you have been doing. Uphill running can activate nine percent of your muscles per stride than trotting on a flat ground. This exercise can also save your knees from injuries.

16. Do not just Stretch, Do a Warm Up
Perform a warm-up that will help ready your body for the exercise routine, as this will help reduce your risk of injuries.

17. Do Explosive Exercises 

Try to include explosive exercises which involves flight, such as jumping. This kind of moves will increase your strength in a significant way. According to reports, men who did explosive exercises have benched five percent more compared to those who did not do ballistic exercises.

18. Write Your Results Down
Keep your records on a workout journal so you can see your path to success. Reports claimed that people who kept journals with them are more successful in their fitness journey than those who did not.

19. Reduce The Soreness
Resting in your bed is not the best way to reduce the pain of sore muscles. You will actually reduce the pain by doing some easy activities. Try playing a little basketball or do some foam rolling at home after your workout.

20. Take a Week Off Your Routine
You can actually gain more muscle and strength by strategically and periodically dialing down your training routing.

21. Eating Healthy Foods
Many people including doctors and personal trainers would always suggest that a person would need to follow a healthy diet in order to achieve a good looking and healthy body. Healthy eating is basically the backbone of your training goals.

Eating healthy foods are the components, which fuels your body and help you reach your body fitness desires. Without eating and getting proper nutrition in your body, the body training at any gym will get you nowhere.

22. Eat Organic Foods
To get the best results, you must eat organic foods and maintain a balanced diet which contains, protein, fruits, vegetables, carbohydrates and healthy fats, such as fish oils and flaxseeds. Eating these foods will help enhance your body’s endurance and lose excess fats in your body.

23. Control Portions of Your Food
You could be eating and drinking more often when you exercise, which is why controling the portions of your food is very important. Research claimed that chicken and meats should not be bigger than your palm when you are eating and that pasta should not be bigger than your fist

24. The Use of Supplements
You must also understand that some supplements can play a great role in boosting and gaining your muscles. However, you need to be cautious in taking the different kinds of supplements available over the counter, as your health is your priority.

25. Always Prepare Yourself
Whenever you hit the gym, you must bring water with you to keep your body hydrated and ensure that you are eating properly, because working out will take lots of your energy.

You must also know which kind of exercises are suited for you and how much reps you can do. If you are just new in working out, then try to spend less hours in the gym until your stamina gets used to the hours of training.

26. Monitor Your Heart Rate
Even if you do not have heart problems, you must monitor your heart rate as doing too much exercise can cause trouble in your mind and body. Invest in a heart rate monitor and bring it with you everytime you hit the gym.

27. Reduce Your Rest Time Now and Then
It can always be tempting to take a rest when you are training, which is why you should stick with the rest times of 30 to 45 seconds between your exercises. But, if you are still new in working out, then the best way is to start lifting moderate weights and keep your lifting range between 8 to 15 repetitions.

28. Fight Your Fatigue
You may suffer from fatigue every now and then. To reduce fatigue, first, you need to drink a glass of beet juice as it can increase your stamina for up to 16 percent and it will help you muscle produce more energy and you will feel less exhausting when exercising.

Another way to boost your workout performance is to select good music to go with your exercise routine, as the blood vessels expands by 26 percent when listening to music while training.

29. Be Motivated

As we all know, motivation is the key to success and by looking a your dominant hand, your mind easily becomes motivated. This is because the dominant hand is usually quicker than the other hand.

You can also look at your friends’ and trainers’ body after they have lost weight and tell yourself that you can also acquire the body you have been dreaming of.

30. Change Things
Ensure that you have let go of the things that will not help your body become better like eating in the middle of the night or chunking on to junk foods every now and then.

Always remember that you need to exert effort in your training and even in preparing your meals if you want to have a fit and good looking body.


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