How Strength Building Strategies are like Relationships

How Strength Building Strategies are like Relationships

Strength Building Strategies

Strength building strategies are like relationships.

It has its perks but it also has its share of problems.

Building your core muscles at home is indeed or in a gym. It still remains a complicated but rewarding affair.

Certainly not the easiest thing to do, Nonetheless it is worth its weight in blood, tears, and sweat.

In this article we are going to share some dating… err.. workout tips on how you can enhance and strengthen your relationship with some of the common strength-building strategies.

Building the Relationship

The first steps are always the hardest!

It is also the most difficult thing to start as you barely know nothing about it.

You are certainly having second thoughts but an inner desire to make it work pushes you forward.

Dress to Impress

You start by first looking your best.

You certainly want to dress for success.

The first thing anyone should do before committing to strength building exercises is to get their groove on.

One way to do it is to simply go out and buy out the necessary equipment.

We recommend you get sports-grade gear particularly with your clothing choices.

Choose a fabric which is light, durable, and breathable.

Style is secondary, if it does however makes you more motivated to hit the bars.

Then go get it!

Second, you need to get your hardware.

This usually depends on what type of strength training your going to hit.

Whether you focus on a few or do them randomly.

Plan and choose your equipment ahead of time so you can minimize hiccups.

Know Them before Committing

The pillars of any strength building exercise are the squat, dead lift, bench press, and shoulder press.

They are the four most common and widely known.

The squats are for the arms, leg, upper and lower back strength.

Dead lifts are for strengthening the legs, arms, and lower back.

The bench press is performed to enhance muscle strength in the chest, arms, and upper back.

Shoulder presses strengthen upper back, arms, and chest muscles.

Strength training is one of the tenets of any workout routine to be performed efficiently.

Remember its Hates and Loves

Just like any relationship, you should devote time and effort to know how to effectively deal with it.

One of the things which strength building exercises hates the most is not having enough time or having too much time.

No one wants someone who is clingy. This is also through for workout routines.

Overusing and over-exhausting your muscles causes the body to create cortisol.
It is a hormone responsible for storing extra carbohydrates released from working out as fatty tissue.

It does this to prevent the body from burn its energy stores into nothing.

The more you overexert the more cortisol the body creates which in turn affects muscle repair, tone, and strength.

You will also feel more and more tired – so rest well and stay well.

Overtime if not used, muscle strength will gradually lower.
This is why its also important to stay on course and maintain such strength by regular workouts.

As you spend more time away from working out and more time doing something other than that.
The muscle mass and muscle strength you’ve built from working one will dwindle and the extra space filled with fatty tissues or water.

Build Yourself up as you Go

The key to any successful relationship is to grow with it overtime. Your main goal is to make your strength building strategies work.

One way to do it is to pace yourself with your workout.

Do not exert yourself in one fell swoop. Instead focus on developing over time.

This will eventually lead to your body becoming more and more accustomed to the deed.

Workouts should not be spur of the moment reaction to a turkey dinner but rather something similar to a habit.
Fitness in general is more than a word as it is also a commitment, a lifestyle, and a mindset.

As a commitment it needs time and attention to give you benefits.

Fitness as a lifestyle choice is integrating your sessions and general wellness to your daily life.

Lastly, as a mindset it is a directive which you need to follow through and keep.

A goal which isn’t reached but something you can win.

Strengthening the Ties

Now that you are done with the getting-to-know part it is time to move the story.

The next one is now focusing all your energy to strengthen the relationship into a more serious level.

Any workout should not be taken lightly especially if you are serious in getting ripped and aiming to get the best results available.

Spend your Time Wisely

One of the key components of a good and competent strength workout is too diminish a so-called drain.

As you continue to work on your muscles and strength, also try to find an activity to fill in the gaps during rest periods.

Having a hobby helps as it also refreshes not just your body but also your mental state.

A happy mind builds a happy body or so they say.

It also builds a great and lasting relationship you have with your strength building routines.

The key is moderation and the enemy is being procrastination.

Having a varied lifestyle outside of the gym or working out well work wonders for the relationship.

It keeps it exciting and fresh as well as keeps you from becoming fatigued or strained during, after, and before working out.

This is why you should spend your time wisely as wellness is not just a physical concept it also involves the mental well-being of an individual.

Work to make it Last

In order to keep a relationship you have to work for it.

In this day and age where everyone wants things instantly from noodles to dinners.

Its hard to keep working on it if the results doesn’t necessarily coincide with your expectations.

That is why it is essential you work hard but keep your feet on the ground.

No two bodies are alike and will always yield different results.

The context of work here is on working on yourself to keep your motivation on the goal.

Strength building exercise are designed to specifically target muscles and improve on its strength.

So in most cases it is a bit repetitive.

Which then brings us to our next case.

Keep it Varied and Exciting

Do not be afraid to mix and match or try new experiences.

One of the reasons people quit or give up on their exercise is lack of interest or if it becomes boring.

There are a lot of strength exercise out there which you can use aside from the main four.

These includes resistance exercise using traditional equipment such as using dumbbells and barbels.

Devotion and Commitment

Two strong words which very seldom crosses people’s mind when working out.

Although it is hard to commit to it 24/7 you should still not forget your aim and goals in this relationship.

That is where devotion comes to play.

If you are devoted to obtaining the aim and goals associated with building muscle strength.

Then you will never lose your commitment.

It does not just need devotion for it to work on your behalf.

Nor, does it only requires commitment to play and get the part.

You need the two together to be able to harmonize your physical, emotional, and mental states.

A very important component in working out is not just about building muscles or looking good.

It is the realization, that it is a journey of self-improvement which can only bear fruit if you show interest in it.

If you love the good the relationship brings to your well-being.

Then you have to play the part and make sure it stays that way.

Strength Building Tips

Barbells before Dumbbells

It is recommended to use barbells before going to dumbbells.

Using the Barbells is recommended for beginners since it allows the muscle to coordinate with having weight in both hands.

Dumbbells are for intermediate and advanced users it works by balancing a weight centrally using both the hands, back, and leg muscles.

Use your Legs to Lift, Never your Back

Unless you want to break your back by not positioning your body correctly.

The legs possess a much more compact muscle structure as compared to your back muscles.

In certain routines such as squats and dead lifts, always lift using your leg muscles and steady your back muscles.

Never lift using your back muscles as they function better as supports for your back and not to support the weight.

Muscles in the back are less dense and compact that those of the legs and arms which makes them at risk of being damaged by a badly initiated lift.

Five is the lucky Number

Although rep counts are usually up to your own discretion, it must be noted that the best ones tend to be based around counts of 5.

It is also the best rep range to build both muscle and strength.

K.I.S.S. a.k.a Keep It Safe and Simple

Do not try to overthink too much about what other people say.

Some trainers would even go as far as counting rep speed which isn’t necessary in a strength exercise.

Never rush a workout to get faster results specially if there is no shortcut,

Don’t trade your safety for a fantasy which was never even real.

A Diary a Day Keeps one from Forgetting

Maintaining a log of activities or a mini workout notebook handy can help you.

It can also keep tabs on what works and doesn’t work for you when strength building.

This is extremely important to note as certain body types react differently to different types of stress.

It is normal that what you do doesn’t have the same effect as your friend who does the same workout as you.

Keeping notes on your workout and even the minute details of your diet can help your overall wellness in the long run.

Natural Resistance Exercise Booster

Strength exercises are built up using resistance or a counter-force. In the case of squats its gravity and weights.

You can however use hills and even water to build up strength.

Hills work by training your leg muscles and making them stronger to the vertical resistance caused by the pull of gravity.

It also increases the strength of the upper extremities such as the chest and the abdominal region.

Swimming is not only fun and a great way to cool off,

It also serves as a great way to increase the strength of the back, shoulders, chest, arms, and leg muscles.

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