The Best Weight Loss and Diet Pills for Men!

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Weight loss and diet pills are normally a decision that is up for debating. Men, if not all, are usually in doubt whether to use such pills. For the reason that it might rip off their hard, earned muscles. On the other hand, contrary to popular belief, it works the other way around. Weight loss and diet pills do not bring effects towards diminishing or destroying your muscles.

This article will bring you to a great awareness about weight loss and diet pills. At the end of this, you will understand how weight loss and diet pills work. Furthermore, you will see the different kinds of weight loss and diet pills that are available on the market.

What are Weight Loss and Diet Pills?

For the record, the term “weight loss and diet pills” do not refer to two different kinds of pills. Basically, this is to state that these pills work for weight loss and dieting purposes. If you do further research, you will get to see that weight loss pills are also referred to as “diet pills”. So, they are just one and a like. We are only doing it for more emphasis. Because, there is a thin line between dieting and losing weight. So, whatever purpose you have, this is to ensure that these pills already covers both of them.

Weight loss pills are also referred to as anti-obesity drugs or “diet pills”. Weight loss and diet pills are prescribed to a patient in order to help them lose weight effectively and in a healthy manner. These pills are additional tools that usually consists of a diet plan. This diet plan is aim towards lowering the fat and calorie count of the body. In addition, as you are prescribed with this kind of pills, you are also requested to follow a certain exercise program.

The Best Weight Loss and Diet Pills for Men

1. XPI Androshed

XPI AndroShred  has created a great blend of ingredients earning them the number one spot.

  • Fenugreek
  • Caffeine Anhydrous
  • Agmatine Sulfate
  • Creatine HCL
  • GreenSelect Phytosome Green Tea
  • Boron
  • Vitamin B12

The XPI Androshed is specially designed for men. A few of its most promising effects are:

  • It supports metabolism
  • Increases energy
  • Encourages and balances a healthy testosterone level and production

The XPI Andorshed is made up of special ingredients that makes it qualified as one of the best weight loss and diet pills on the market. It is composed of 500mg Furosap, 300mg of Tribulus Terrestis and 25mg of Higenamine.


The XPI Androshed’s Furosap formula does its own unique kind of magic. It works by converting testosterone to dihydrotestosterone. Because of that, it enables the conservation of the natural male hormone which is testosterone.

Tribulus Terrestis

As for this particular component, Tribulus Terrestis increases the libido, which is basically the sexual energy of a person. Also, it is responsible for boosting testosterone significantly. For the reason that, it allows the testosterone to interact with the androgen receptors.


Higenamine is a molecule that has natural properties derived from plants and fruits. It works hand in hand with Tribulus Terrestis by increasing testosterone and boosting the libido as well.

XPI Androshed’s Advantages

As years passes by, the natural male hormones, testosterone, lowers down. Along with this is also the key hormones, nutrients and neurotransmitters accompanied by it. Basically, as you age, what takes course is that your libido lowers down, muscle mass decreases, ability to focus becomes difficult and your energy just goes down.

This is for all of these reasons why XPI Androshed was created. Not only that, but it is designed with an advance formula that significantly helps and develops the general and physiological functions of the male body.

XPI Androshed aims to aid you in your goals for a better body. You can guarantee that you will be able to keep your hard-earned muscles, all in while losing fat, with XPI Androshed.

2. Staunch Burning Man

This weight loss and diet pill has created some intense reactions among men who wants to lose weight and improve their physique. The Staunch Burning Man carefully follows a more scientific approach when it comes to achieving such results. It is popularly recognized as a clinically based backed fat burner powered by the science of Thermogenesis. Through the Staunch Burning Man you get to enjoy its beneficial features.

  • Improves Thermogenesis
  • Appetite suppressant
  • Body Fat reduction
  • Energy booster
  • Elevates your mood

The Staunch Burning Man improves your performance and stamina by the double when working out. Imagine working out while experiencing all of the features mentioned above while reaching your optimum potentials. You do not only get to be skinny, but you also will achieve that dram body you have always wanted.

Like the other weight loss and diet pills, Staunch Burning Man has also its unique fat-burning formula. It is scientifically composed of Capsimax, Thermodiamine, Coleus Forskohlii, Caffeine Anhydrous and Green Tea.


Capsimax is the primary fat burning property that consists of high natural source of active capsaicinoids from capsicum. Studies have shown the significant ability of Capsimax on lipolysis. It breaks down fat and secretes epinephrine and nor-epinephrine. These hormones are the premier hormones that balances your metabolism. In addition, it increases thermogenises resulting to weight loss, body fat reduction and waist size becoming smaller.


Thermodiamine is recognized to be one of the most powerful fat burners out there. It is also known as Evodiamine and it originates from the unripe fruit of Evodia Rutaecarpa. Thermodiamine shares similar effects as of Capsimax. Basically, with increasing thermogenesis and reducing body fat significantly. Furthermore, Thermodiamine helps regulate the body’s temperature, suppresses hunger and helps in fat loss and oxidation.

Coleus Forskohlii

Coleus Forskohlii is a herb that has fat burning properties. It works by stimulating a specific enzyme in the body that intensifies the body’s ability to burn fat fast.

Caffeine Anhydrous

This ingredient is a highly purified and concentrated raw caffeine which is dehydrated in order to produce a much more potent and refreshing caffeine experience. Well, as any normal caffeine would do, they help boost energy levels. It is also a natural thermogenic booster which helps you to burn more calories. Also, it helps the body to metabolize fat.

Green Tea

Green Tea is popularly known worldwide for its amazing health benefits and positive effects. It contains a unique compound called Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG) which helps reduces body fat. Moreover, EGCG also helps in decreasing fat synthesis in the body.

Staunch Burning Man Advantages

If you want to lose fat faster than a canon ball, you might want to consider Staunch Burning Man. This particular weight loss and diet pill amplifies burning fats and helps you achieve your weight and body goals ASAP!

3. Cellucor Super HD

The Cellucor Super HD is infused with high-powered, naturally supportive ingredients that creates a powerhouse blend. It is a high-quality mix of formula that is designed with unique and carefully picked ingredients. The main objective of the Cellucor HD is to help you with losing weight. Everyone should feel comfortable with their bodies and be in love with it a 100%! Cellucor Super HD promises you that feeling! Not only that, but it ensures you a great experience with your weight loss journey.

The progress that you will get is as high-powered and supportive as the ingredients it is made of. The Cellucor Super HD is made with a multidimensional and advance formula. It consists of Slimpro, Green Tea and Amla Fruit. Those are only a few of what this beast has in store. Overall, it guarantees a full blast transformation!

The Cellucor Super HD Advantages

Cellucor Super HD is tested and proven to be an insane fat burning diet pill. It gives you all the components you need to crank those muscles and cut those fats. The Cellucor Super HD increases your energy to hit your workouts hard. Also, it improves your focus and thermogenic power to burn off those unwanted pounds.

4. Cutler Nutrition Pro Stim

Cutler Nutrition Pro Stim contains a precise selection of ingredients to be considered as one of the best there is on the market. The following ingredients are as follows:

  • Caffeine
  • Garcinia Cambogia
  • Pausinystalia Yohimbe
  • Ilex Paraguariensis
  • Plumbago Zeylanica
  • Cola Acuminata
  • Psoralea Corylifolia

The Cutler Nutrition Pro Stim also rides along with the other monster diet pills. It manages to never be left behind because of its fat burning prowess as well. Cutler Nutrition Pro Stim is a great stimulator for the Central Nervous System that gives it an amazing fat burning ability.

Cutler Nutrition Pro Stim Advantages

Fun Fact, the Cutler Nutrition Pro Stim is named after four time mr. Olympia champion, Jay Cutler. He is also the one who carefully designed, approved and brought this monster to the world. So, it is just important to acknowledge and consider that the one who designed this diet pill is the very man who won Mr. Olympia four times! Not once, not twice, but FOUR TIMES! It is certain that he definitely knows how to cut those fat and keep those muscles lean.

5. Hydroxycut Hardcore Next Gen

This particular weight loss and diet pill earned its own share of recognition. The Hydroxycut Hardcore Next Gen is composed of greatly blended ingredients that makes it outstanding as well. The ingredients that it is made of are:

  • Green Coffee Blend
  • Coleus Forskohlii
  • Yohimbe
  • Caffeine Anhydrous
  • Guayusa
  • Blue Skullcap Extract
  • Ophiopogan Extract

The Hydroxycut Hardcore Next Gen is considered as the next evolution for body sculpting. One of the best things about the Hydroxycut Hardcore Next Gen is its all-natural, powerful extracts.

Hydroxycut Hardcore Next Gen Advantages

The Hydroxycut Hardcore Next Gen is a precious product of MuscleTech. The company has been continuously succeeding all other competitors for almost two decades now. Also, it seems that they have no plans on stopping. Well, why should they? They have been doing amazing works with their products such as the Hydroxycut Hardcore Next Gen.

The Hydroxycut Hardcore Next Gen delivers exceptional effects through its combination of ingredients. It has the ability to amplify the experience! Its powerful ingredient, which is the green coffee blend changes the whole game around for other products. Because, the Hydroxycut Hardcore Next Gen contains double the dose of this particular ingredient which creates a perfect blend that intensifies its fat burning abilities. It also activates the CNS which improves one’s metabolism and significantly help in weight loss.

Who Can use these Weight Loss and Diet Pills?

Ideally, weight loss and diet pills should be prescribed by a doctor. Due to the fact that these are going inside your body to alter something about it. Hence, a professional advise should be present to ensure safe and healthy consumption of said pills.

In that light, patients who has overweight conditions, such as obesity, are prescribed these pills. In addition, overweight refers to the condition in which a person’s weight is more than his or her average weight. A person can know if his or her health is at risk by determining his or her weight. It can be done through calculating your body mass index (BMI).

In simple terms, your body mass index will show you the corresponding weight that is ideal for your height. If you are either below or above the average it will say something about your current. However, if your weight is not that far off from the average scale, then you are good. But, if it shows otherwise, then it might be because of your lifestyle or other probable reasons.

Can you Buy Weight loss and Diet Pills Over the Counter?

That is a great question! Actually, there are a lot of people who uses this even though they are not prescribed by a doctor. Most people uses weight loss and diet pills for their fitness journey.

Surprisingly, there are a variation of weight loss and diet pills that are easily made available. You can just simply buy them over the counter.

Particular weight loss and diet pills contain stimulant medication that the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) classifies as controlled substances. On the contrary, a number of manufacturers of such pills abide to specific regulations to be DEA approved.

How do these Weight Loss and Diet Pills Work in the Body?

As mentioned earlier, weight loss and diet pills are only to be prescribed by a licensed doctor for medication purposes. So, it is either you have serious health conditions that you are allowed to use such pills. Examples of health conditions would be:

  • High Blood Pressure
  • High Cholesterol
  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • Obesity

Other than that, weight loss and diet pills might work differently for other people. Basically, what happens is that the weight loss and diet pills will act as appetite suppressants. They are called anorexiants.

Every weight loss and diet pills work differently. Also, not everyone will get the same results from the same pills. In general, what weight loss and diet pills does is to suppress your hunger. It lets you to balance your metabolism and prevents you from eating too much. Moreover, if you partner it with the right amount of regular exercise then it will definitely do its magic to you.

Typically, weight loss and diet pills lets you lose a total of 5 to 10 percent of your body weight in a span of a year. Furthermore, when used regularly, it is anticipated that you will be losing a pound or two per week.

Important Note: Herbal or dietary supplements have not been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for weight loss. Check with a healthcare provider for advice on using herbal or dietary supplements for weight loss.

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