The Guide to Buying a Treadmill

The Guide to Buying a Treadmill

Buying a Treadmill

Fitness and health is one of the biggest goals that a lot of people have. Health is the only thing that we have even if we expend all our fortune and spend all our days working off so that we get the best services when it comes to healthcare. Fitness becomes an issue as well since there are a lot of benefits that exercise entails. These include the reduction in the development of diseases like high blood pressure, coronary artery disease, diabetes mellitus, cerebrovascular disease and a lot more. That’s why fitness has become a priority in the list of goals of a lot of people – both young and old.

Working out is one way on keeping your body fit and healthy. With the consistent stress put on the muscles, your body starts to lose the excess fat that it has incurred and the muscles in your body start growing and building up.

Exercise is divided into two (2) different types – strength exercises and cardio exercises. While strength exercises deal with workout sessions and routines that deal with the growth of muscles and their toning, cardio exercises aim to improve your stamina and expand lung capacity – allowing you to exert physical effort for a longer duration.

One of the most well recognized cardio exercises is by jogging or running as it’s a type of exercise that’s easy to pick up and do it by yourself or with other people. It’s also one of the most beneficial types of exercises out there. But when you decide that running or jogging won’t just cut it outdoors, you need something that will let you do the said cardio exercise indoors. How can you do that? There’s a machine that can help in that endeavor in the existence of the treadmill.

You may be thinking, “It’s a workout machine, it’s going to be expensive!” And you’re not wrong about that. In fact, I take that back. You’re completely right. The budget that you have to allocate when it comes to purchasing a workout machine is a large one. At times, it can be enormous if you’re really looking for a high quality machine. So how can you get your money’s worth? Here are some tips on how you can choose a proper and quality treadmill.

Size of the Treadmill

When it comes to purchasing a treadmill or any exercise machine for that matter, its size will always matter. If you’re thinking of buying a treadmill, consider the current available space in your home and start measuring on the area where you’ll be putting the treadmill. If you have plenty of space that you can give for your treadmill, by all means, you can go all out.

If you have a special room built for exercising and putting your exercise tools, you can place the treadmill as one of the mainstay equipment. But the problem now lies if you don’t have much space to spare. Fortunately for you, there are treadmills that are available that come in smaller sizes. But it doesn’t just stop there. There are also foldable treadmills that you can fold and put aside after use, allowing efficient use of space and storage.

Running VS Walking

The length of the treadmill comes into consideration depending if how you’ll be using it more often. If you’re planning to use the treadmill with more walking, a shorter length would be good. But if you’re planning to use the treadmill as a running tool to exercise your cardio better, getting a longer treadmill would be better to accommodate the length of your stride.

You can find longer treadmills most commonly in gyms since they have to accommodate different lengths of stride of the users. Getting one that’s too short would only hinder your exercise routine and can even cause potential injuries or accidents if you’re not careful. And even if you plan on using the treadmill with more walking in mind, getting a lengthier one would be better if you have long legs since this would mean you have a greater stride length.

Safety Features

Just like any other exercise equipment, you also need to consider safety as your top priority. A treadmill is just like any other machine. If you’re not careful with it, you can get injured or have some accidents when you use it haphazardly. Make sure you read the instructions properly and thoroughly to see the available safety features on the treadmill. Nowadays, there are now built in safety features in treadmills because of technological advancement and applications.

For example, snagging clothes on treadmills isn’t a surprising thing because of how they are built. But there’s now a safety feature that involves stopping the treadmill instantaneously when the treadmill detects a snag. This will not only prevent ripping of the jogging pants or any piece of clothing that might have been caught in the treadmill, this will also prevent potential injuries or accidents from happening. Safety also involves child proofing and pet proofing the treadmill since they might get curious in the operation of the treadmill while it’s turned on.

The Assembly

Another thing that you need to consider in the purchase of a treadmill is its weight. Essentially, the greater a treadmill’s weight, the harder and longer it is to assemble. There are a lot of treadmills that are already assembled upon purchase or come as easily assembled with just following the instructions. However, there are also treadmills (especially the heavier ones) that may require professional help to assemble properly. Now, if you think about this economically, this puts in additional cost to the assembly aside from the treadmill itself.

Getting your very own treadmill is both an achievement and a chore by itself. By no means is it an easy task to pick out the perfect treadmill and even assembling it or bringing it to your home may prove to be an additional task that requires more time and hard work. But with these tips, hopefully, you can shed some light on the mystery in how to buy the perfect treadmill just for you.


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