Fitness at Home - Inexpensive Exercise Equipment for Home

Fitness at Home – Inexpensive Exercise Equipment for Home

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Have you checked your weight lately? Do you still religiously follow your strict diet? Are you still working on your abs? When was the last time you jog? What’s with your posture lately? When you are health and fitness conscious, you’ll surely hear these from people most of the time.

I have heard several dilemmas from my friends concerning fitness especially at my workplace. Some hated themselves for gaining weight because their partners might leave them – a big turn off. Others even got ulcers due to too much diet but won’t stop just to maintain their figures. A few decided to give up from their gym sessions because of budget issues but worried that quitting may cause other people to find them unattractive when they started to look unfit. All of these are a bit weird to me.

Hearing these things made me wonder and question the intentions of people as to why they wanted to be fit and healthy. Why do they work out? What’s their real purpose in going to the gym? What’s with the strict diet for? Do they do these for themselves or just for their peers?

It’s funny to say yet true that people who are healthy and fit are attractive. Take this as my opinion concluded from my friends’ experiences. People who work out, go to the gym and hire personal trainers are those who are normally self-conscious which sometimes become a ground for peer recognition. They want to look good through their physique.

But you know what, not all of us can afford going to a gym regularly or hiring a personal trainer. Sometimes we might have the money but not all of us do have the pleasure of spending hours in a gym when we are a full-time employee or a full-time stay-at-home parent.

Does this mean that we will stay unattractive? Or that we don’t care about our physique? Worst if people would say that we are not conscious of our health at all. A big “NO” is the answer!

We all know that health is wealth. Who wants to be sickly at all times? Who doesn’t want to become sexy nor have that sexy abs? All of us want the best for ourselves because we are at our best when we are fit. We want to be attractive! We want to be appealing!

Do you worry that you that you don’t know where to start? Well, start by widening your knowledge first about health and fitness. Read health-related books or magazines, browse that net or talk to your colleagues who can answer some of your health and fitness questions. From here, you can go to the next step.

Ask yourself and set a goal. What do I need to work on? Is it my weight? Is it my strength? Will it be my posture and balance? Do I need to tone my chest, arms and shoulders first? You decide! This way, you can find immediate and easy ways to work on that goal.

The easiest and immediate way to work out is through exercise. According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, “an exercise is a physical activity that is done to be become stronger and healthier thus developing and maintaining physical fitness”. Therefore, you start your workout by doing simple exercises – from a few minutes or maybe an hour of walking to sit ups to lifting equipment etc. The best way to so start is at home – where you can control your own activity at your own convenience!

Now, since you are may be planning to put up your own home gym, why don’t you invest on some affordable exercise equipment. I suggest you infuse the use of some exercise equipment for better results.

You may want to start collecting the following exercise equipment:

Walking Kit

If you’re aiming to work your cardio strength, you can go for this.    This would surely take care of your heart.

Jumping Rope

There are lots of these that are designed for exercise. Tones muscles and better coordination are the results. This can work on   your cardiovascular fitness too.

Push Up Grip

This is highly recommended for men. Strength is one of its targets  and this would surely tone your chest, arms, shoulders, back and most of all, your abs.

Speed Hurdles

Leg power is the main target. Plus, toning your leg muscles is for sure a great achievement.

Gym Ball

If you are aiming for proper posture and flexibility, you will surely love this. This also relaxes your muscles and removes tensions.

As a starter, I am not telling you to buy all of these “one time big time”. These are just as well some suggested equipment that you may want try first. The likes of these and many more are available in your nearest sports’ equipment stores or through online stores. Collect as much as you want. The more, the merrier, the healthier!

There are lots of things to consider though when you will decide to put up your own home gym. Money, time, availability of equipment, home space and many more are things that you need to look at. Most importantly, ask yourself if you are ready for this. If the answer is “maybe”, then you need to think twice. Putting up a home gym requires great effort, willingness and commitment. Therefore, this should be taken seriously and passionately!

And since this is a home setting, you do not just promote fitness in yourself but rather in your family. This could be a source of a great family bonding experience. You can encourage everyone in your family to try this too – for a happier and healthier family!

Successfully owning a home gym is a very wise investment. Your money is worth the wealth that you will acquire. With proper maintenance, for sure it could last a lifetime. So instead of paying gym membership or hiring a professional trainer, go for your own home gym.

Should you still envy other people? No! You can confidently say that your own gym guarantees you an attractive, healthier and appealing lifestyle! Who knows you can even be a motivation for your colleagues to start their own too, right?


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