Choosing the Best Cardio Home Equipment

Choosing the Best Cardio Home Equipment

Best Cardio Home Equipment

Sure there are a lot of home cardio equipments available in the market these days, there are good ones and there are cheap ones but you really need to know how you can tell a good cardio equipment that will really be useful to you as compared to the bad ones.

What is a Good Cardio Equipment?

A good cardio equipment will make you or help you sweat out a lot, but there are people who don’t really sweat that much so we can’t say that this is a really accurate indicator of how effective a cardio equipment is. Another way, a much more practical way, to measure whether your cardio machine really is good and effective is if it increases your heart rate, because that would also mean that your body is pumping oxygen to the muscles throughout your body fast. If it can increase your heart rate to a maximum then that machine will really give you a good cardio workout.

Choosing the Best Home Cardio Equipment

In order to help you choose a good cardio equipment, you need to know the different guidelines that will tell you that the machine really is effective. One common thing that good cardio equipments have is that they are heavy, in order to have a good workout and to dissipate just enough energy you will need a sturdy and a metal made device to do that. A good cardio equipment should weigh more than 20 kg or 50 lbs.

You should also choose a cardio equipment that will work on all of your big muscles, or better yet, your whole body in order to sufficiently increase your heart rate. Choose the cardio equipment that will make you do the work and makes you spend energy in order for you to also sweat all the calories out. Here are some examples of good cardio equipments.

  • Treadmill

Mostly works on your leg muscles and running using it is definitely a good form of cardiovascular exercise.

  • Woodway Curve

This machine is like the treadmill, but the difference is that you are the one powering it, so the faster you go, the faster it will also run. It will force your lower body to work even harder and it will require you 30% more energy than the treadmill.

  • Elliptical Trainers

The Elliptical machines are very good tools for a non impact exercise, that mean that there will be lesser compressive forces on your joints and bones as your exercise.


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