Steppers - a Total Body Workout from your Leg, Shoulders, Arms and all

Steppers – a Total Body Workout from your Leg, Shoulders, Arms and all

As for the stepper, this equipment contributes to your strength and balance training. Unlike the Elliptical Training equipment which has Smart Touch keypad, this fitness facility has LCD display that indicates how many strokes you’ve been having, the amount of calories you have burned and the duration of time when you started the exercise.

Compared to Elliptical Trainer which is self-powered, stepper’s power source depends on its one AAA Lithium battery. This equipment requires assembly when purchased unlike to the Elliptical Trainer that is built in already when purchased in the market. It includes Dual Adjustable Hydraulic that provides the user the average amount of resistance when doing the work out. Another difference between the Stepper and Elliptical Trainer is the fitness accommodation it caters to people.

The stepper includes total body workout: from your leg, shoulders, arms and all. Elliptical Trainer, on the other hand, only focuses on the enhancement of cardio and leg stride of the user. With steel and rubber as its frame material, the stepper helps you boost flexibility, balance and coordination. This one-of-a-kind fitness equipment has settings which help you reverse the motion of the stepper and has slide resistant pedals that tone down the fat and calorie which occupies your body. This part of the stepper regulates the speed you’re using to avoid leg muscle strain and footfall noise.


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