Exercise for Stress and Anxiety

Exercise for Stress and Anxiety

In today’s modern and fast paced world where competition and demands are high, stress and anxiety level becomes inevitable high as well. There were a number of solutions offered on how we can manage both stress and anxiety, from supplements to recipes, exercises to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meditation and even counseling. All these information are readily available over the internet, books, and magazines and just about everywhere, so we do not need to extensively look for it.

Much of what we stress about depends on both our physical and mental state.

Adequate nutrition plus exercise and good quality sleep is still the best way to manage stress and anxiety, so, it does not ruin all other areas of our life.

Exercise will not take away the cause and reason for our stress and anxiety, of course, but what it can do among others is to stimulate our body to produce what it needs, so proper stress management is achieved and state of anxiety is avoided.

The best exercise should be both that we enjoy and can maintain. Time is a valuable asset and we should make every time spent on it worthwhile. We need to keep in mind that it is important to plan and take into consideration our current physical health, for this, we can seek professional assistance from doctors and trainers since not all exercises can be performed by anyone. We also need to know the best time and how often we can commit in doing it. It should be a long term commitment and should be integrated to be part of our lifestyle. It is meant to help us and not cause us to compromise on other aspect of our career or education. We can also consider location and budget in selecting the best exercise. We can make use of a nearby park or an affordable gym. What is important is the physical exercise of our choice is what we can do and what we can always do.

It is undeniable that good physical state is important, mental state is also important. Reflection, meditation and enriching our social aspect is just as important. We also need to take time and sometimes go out of our way to see an old friend or a physically sick neighbor. We need to exercise respect and love not just for others but also to ourselves. And since stress and anxiety is a day to day challenge, a day-to-day exercise should also be a must.


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