Do you feel like you are already outgrowing your old workout routines? Does it seem boring already and no longer challenging? Most of us, have already memorized the things we do in the gym, hence, killing the excitement, moreover, the purpose of why we go to the gym. Well that is something you should fix as soon as possible. You don’t want to stagnate your progress, right? You have to crave for improvement day by day. It is about time to try something new and spice up your workout routines.

Listed below are different varieties to spice up your workout routines. Exercises that have been ignored and not used for over a long period of time, or maybe have been used, but not by so many people. What you do not know is that these simple exercises are just the exact twist you need to get your hype back up again. There are different variations listed that focuses on different areas of the body, such as, chest, abs, arms, legs and back.


Super Band Speed Exercise

This particular exercise can work both ways, either with a partner or simply a strong and sturdy pole. You will need a Superband Exercise Band, although this workout needs a little money from your pocket, nevertheless, the results you will get after this workout will be worth every penny. Before doing this type of exercise, make sure to have a running space wherever you decide to do this.

How to do it: (With a partner)

  1. You must first turn your Superband Exercise Band into an eight shape. You go inside one circle and your partner goes inside the other half circle of the eight shape.
  2. Place bands on each of your waists.
  3. Run as fast and as far as you can. While you are running, your partner must resist on the opposite side of the band from going along or towards your direction. Thus, will require more strength and effort from you to pull him/her.
  4. Repeat to the number of desired repetitions.

(Without a partner)

  1. Same thing will happen if you do it with a partner, except that, this time you place the opposite side of the band on a pole. Make sure that the pole is strong and fixated to where it stands.

Kettlebell Band Press aka Crazy Bell Bench

This is the same as your normal bench presses while using your regular barbell but with a more interesting challenge. Rather than using your normal barbell, you will now be replacing them with kettlebells and bands. So, to make your equipment to be used in this exercise: First, you just grab a pole that is 2 meters long and is stiff enough to carry your kettlebells from each side, then, tie the bands on each kettlebell and secure them that they will stay swinging from each side of your pole.

The instability of the weights from each side of the pole will create a pull in different directions making you workout like crazy to maintain a balanced and stable pole. Therefore, targeting your chest and arms the most. Yes, there are tons of biceps and triceps exercise, but with regular repetitions of this workout you will have those buffed triceps and biceps in no time.


Another workout that is so underrated is the Plate Pinch workout. What nobody expects from this bad boy is that it actually rips more muscles and burns more fats than it actually looks. You only need to wide-rimmed plates for this exercise.

How to do it:

  1. Grab the two wide-rimmed plates and put them together with their smooth surface facing outwards.
  2. Hold them with your thumb on one side and the remaining four fingers on the other side. This is the starting position.
  3. Bend elbows lightly creating a small angle as you squeeze both plates together. Hold this position for as long as you can.
  4. Repeat same movement on your other arm.

Cable Pull-Through

Most people gather as many excuse to skip this workout due to the fact that it looks lame or awkward. Little did they know, it has many advantages with very little drawback. Most importantly, it can be used by anyone.

How to do it:

  1. Grab the cables, move forward a bit to pull the cables and stand in a wider shoulder-width stance. This is your starting position.
  2. Sit back with your hips stretched backwards, back maintained straight and imagine that your butt is about to tap a wall. It is not a squat position but more of a bent backwards position. Most people’s common mistake is that they tend to confuse the back and forth motion to an up and down movement. It is always backwards and forwards.
  3. As you sit, letting the cable pull-back from its body, your hand should not crowd your groin instead let both hands reach backwards, passing through your knees.
  4. Pull the cable to go back to the starting position.

Key-points to remember for a correct execution:

  • The back, at all times, should maintain a straight posture. Refrain from arching your back.
  • As you sit in a hip-hinged pattern, your head should hinge along. Common mistake is that some maintain a horizontal contact at a particular focal point resulting to unwanted or undue stress in the neck area. Supposedly, as you hinge down your head should follow the movement as well.

Tate Press

This is also known as the Triceps Press. This is similar to bench presses while using dumbbells but there is a slight change in movement that intensifies the effect on the arms.

How to do it:

  1. Lie down on a flat bench with a dumbbell in each hand on top of your thighs. The palms of your hand will be facing each other and your elbows will face outward.
  2. Gently extend arms upward with palms facing forward and elbows still facing outward. Keep your arms shoulder-width apart. This your starting position.
  3. Start to slowly lower the dumbbells in a semi-circular motion until, the inner plates of the dumbbells touch your upper chest. Exhale as you do this movement.
  4. Exhale again as you raise the dumbbells back into the starting position. Use the same motion as you extend your arms and don’t forget to inhale between pauses.

Hanging Knee Raise

The main muscle that is challenged here is the abdominal muscle. The focus also is to further develop your strength in an isolated mechanic type.

How to do it:

  1. Using either a medium-grip or a wide-grip, hang from a bar with a height higher than your chin with both arms extended fully. The legs should remain straight down but in a slightly angled position. This is your starting position.
    • Note: If bar is not higher than your chin you can just start with your knees bent already.
  2. Raise your knees creating a 90 degree angle with your torso. Contract your abdominal muscle as you pull-up your lower body. Hold the contraction for about two to three seconds for best effect.
  3. As you inhale, go back to the starting position by slowly lowering down your legs. Do not break off contracting your abs. Abs should only rest or relax when you are fully back to the starting position.
  4. Repeat for the desired amount of repetitions.


Another hanging workout that targets your abdominal muscles. You may find at the middle of this particular workout that you might not be able to hang on the bar for too long. Don’t worry, because with continuous performance, your grip will eventually strengthen.

How to do it:

  1. Start off with positioning yourself in the bar. Make sure that the bar is high enough for you to hang on to. Extend both arms fully at shoulder-width as you grip the bar.
  2. Raise bent knees as you pull them closer to your chest and twist on one side. Contract your abdominal muscles for this will help you lift your lower body as well. Hold for two seconds.
  3. Afterwards, slowly lower your legs back to the starting position.
  4. Repeat the same movement on the opposite side. Continue on the amount of repetitions desired.


  • You can clip a weight plate in between your knees to add more weight when you do your leg twists. This will further target your leg muscles and abs contraction.

Planking Frog Tuck

This is another variation of a plank but more challenging for it requires a full-body function which engages your abs, arms and legs and brings about a high-level muscle activation. If you want to seriously lose fats, this is the workout for you for it incorporates both cardio exercise and an awesome full-body workout.

How to do it:

  1. Position yourself in a standard push-up position with your arms fully-extended. Contract your abs and bring your right foot forward, with knees bent, adjacent to your right arm.
  2. Switch legs by doing a jump as you go back to the starting position. By this time, your left leg should be bent and brought forward near your left arm.
  3. Do the same movement alternately and on the desired amount of repetitions.


  • For beginners, when you bring your foot forward, make sure that your foot, from heel to toes, lies flat on the floor. This goes for both foot all throughout the whole repetition.
  • For advanced, instead of bring your foot forward, you tuck your knees sideways towards your elbow. The closer you can touch your elbow the better. Knees and legs should not touch the floor and should elevate just a few inches above the floor.

Meadows Row

The Meadows Row is a weight exercise that primarily targets the back as well as the shoulders, biceps and forearms. This particular exercise needs only two equipment: T-bar and landmine bar.

How to do it:

  1. Load up the T-bar or landmine bar with desired weight plates. Then, stand in a shoulder-width stance at the side of the bar where the plates are placed. Start off with any side you are comfortable with.
  2. Slightly bend down with a hip-hinged pattern. You have to maintain a strong and straightened back to fully support your upper body.
  3. Hold the bar with an overhand grip. You can rest your other arm on your thighs to increase body support. This is your starting position.
  4. Pull the bar up maintaining that overhand grip as you bend your elbows up.
  5. After, extend your arms down. So, the motion in this part is basically up and down, as if you are rowing.
  6. Repeat movement to the desired number of sets and repetitions. Then, do it all over again, this time, on the opposite side or arm.

Barbell Shrug

This workout can also be for beginners and the only equipment you need is a barbell. This exercise will focus more on your traps. It also targets your arms and abs.

How to do it:

  1. Stand on a shoulder-width stance and a straight back as you hold the barbell with both hands that are wider than shoulder-width apart. Your palms facing your thighs. This is your starting position.
  2. Raise your shoulders as far as you can. When you have reached the maximum point, breathe out, and hold the contraction for about a second or two.
    • Usually, you will unconsciously raise your biceps instead of your shoulders. So, you should be focused to perform this exercise correctly.
  3. Gently go back to the starting position as you breathe in.
  4. Repeat for the number of repetitions desired.

TRX Pistol Squat Jumps

Regular squats are no longer challenging you? Try this variation of squats. It has multiple benefits such as improving your leg strength, flexibility and balance. It also increases your stability to which it will aid poor posture and reduce back pains.

How to do it:

  1. Grab both handles with your hands facing the anchor point.
  2. Lift one leg straight in front of you. Make sure your leg is straight and stiff to crank up those leg muscles.
  3. Bend the supporting leg sinking down into a squat. Your heel should be firmly touching the floor.
  4. Spring up by using your supporting leg to jump upwards. During the jump, both legs should be extended and pointed. Land with your alternate leg (the leg that was first lifted straight) back to the squat position.
  5. Repeat everything, alternating with every jump.


  • To intensify the workout, before you land into your squat position, insert a tuck in between. So, as you explode off with the supporting leg, bring both knees up to your chest and land softly as you can with the other leg.

One-legged Cable Kick Bar

This is the exercise that your glutes will surely enjoy. The main target of this particular exercise is your glutes and hamstrings. The only equipment needed for this is the cable.

How to do it:

  1. Hook an ankle cuff to a low pulley and then wrap the cuff to your ankle.
  2. Stand a couple of feet away and face the weight stack, hold or grip the pole of the weight stack to serve as your support. This is you starting position.
  3. Keep your knees and hips bent slightly to achieve balance as you slowly lift your working leg backwards as far as it can reach. At the same time, contract your glutes. When you have reached the full extent of your leg-lift, hold the position for a second or two for maximized effect.
  4. Now resist slowly the pull of the cable to bring your working leg forward back to the starting position.
  5. Repeat for the desired amount of repetitions.
  6. Switch legs and repeat the whole movement for the opposite side.

It is time to say good riddance to your old routine and finally welcome new sets of fat-burning, muscle-toning exercises. Incorporate all of these workouts to bring back the life to your routines. Surely, all these will give you new challenges that your body and muscles will enjoy.