Can Low Testosterone Cause Depression?

Can Low Testosterone Cause Depression?

Testosterone does many things, especially to a male human being. It is the hormone responsible for primary sexual development and other physical characteristics like hair and muscles. It also has a connection but still remains a mystery to male’s overall health.

Depression is a serious condition that both men and women globally suffer. It can be caused by a lot of things but for male, studies show a strong link to his testosterone level. Science cannot fully explain this yet. The challenge is that depression can be caused by a lot of factors and that it these factors are often unique to the individual.

Yes, testosterone may affect and cause someone to be depressed but as to the extent and how it does, is still not answered. Depression of individuals that have normal testosterone levels and those male that are not diagnosed of depression but have low testosterone show the same symptoms.

These people usually experience fatigue, decreased sex drive and food appetite and irritability. Also, other studies show that testosterone and serotonin, which is also a hormone does affect each other. Higher testosterone is strongly link to also having higher serotonin. Serotonin is often nicknamed as the “happy” hormone. And this is the hormone that directly affects our emotional condition. It is the kind of hormone that you would want to have more when you are depressed or sad.


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