Can Testosterone Boosters Hurt You?

Can Testosterone Boosters Hurt You?

You may have already heard the phrase “what doesn’t kill you, will only make you stronger”. There will be those that agree and there will be those that will not. This phrase is not universally true, which means, it is not true all the time and it is not for everything.

There are a lot and a lot more testosterone boosters available and will be available in the market. It is a growing market, and growing supply will only mean one thing. There is a growing demand for it as well.

“Boosting” which is simply having more than what you may normally have cannot only hurt but end your life as well. Testosterone boosters can hurt and kill you too, it all depends on how much and how long you have been an avid fan of it.

The possible effects of boosting your testosterone are breast development in men, liver cancer, prostate enlargement, clitoral enlargement and cardiovascular diseases. Cardiovascular diseases may have been caused by artificially “enhancing” your testosterone levels or are made worse by it. Cardiovascular diseases that are known to be highly connected to a manipulated testosterone levels are strokes, heart attack and atherosclerosis.

Yes, taking enhancers or boosters to have more testosterone than what your body has or what your body intends to produce for you to have, may not instantly kill you and for a while will make you stronger but don’t continue to patronize it. Having more is not always better than having less and so is having what is just enough to cause you no long term harm.


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