How to Get More Potassium Into Your Diet

How to Get More Potassium Into Your Diet

Get More Potassium Into Your Diet

Potassium is an important mineral that we need to have for better health. There are a lot of food rich in potassium like potatoes, legumes, mushrooms, fishes and dairy products that are rich of other minerals as well. To get the most potassium from your diet, it is best to ask help from a nutritionist especially if you have some health consideration. Taking food supplements though is still the best ways to consume adequate amount of this mineral.

You need to consider what food or products will be conveniently available and will not break your budget when planning a meal. We also have to consider the time of day or night when we will be consuming it.

One of the best and highly tasty sources of potassium is our favorite yellow fruit banana. It taste sweet and does have a number of recipes where it is either a part of or the main ingredient. It also does not break your budget and is available all throughout the year.

Fishes are also a good source of potassium and with too many to choose from, you might as well name you favorite dish. You can fry, bake and do a lot of cooking with different kinds of fishes. You can visit your local market early in the morning to check which kinds are readily available and affordable. It is also a good idea to treat yourself with a tasty fish recipe once in a while.

Milk is a good and readily available source of potassium as well. There are a lot to choose from and most of us already have a preferred brand and companion to it. We all know that milk also gives us other vitamins and minerals as it is very nutritious. Too much intake of milk and dairy products though does have its consequence, so always make sure that what you consume is within the range of what you need.

When it comes to nutrition, we have to always bear in mind that moderation is the key factor. Anything even if it is a good thing, when taken in excess may be harmful. It is always good to ask professional help whenever we can. And make sure that we enjoy our meal and consuming it is not a burden.


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