Get to Know the Best Nutrition for Weight Loss and Muscle Gain

Get to Know the Best Nutrition for Weight Loss and Muscle Gain

If you plan on having your body lose that extra weight while gaining muscle at the same time then the best way to do it is build a healthy eating plan. But you should know that the muscle-building process is a lot different from the lose-fat process.

Focus on the Protein

Eating enough protein is a vital component to building your muscle and will provide a positive impact on your fat loss. Protein will help your muscles on the recovery stage and will help it repair after enduring strains during a heavy workout which will eventually result into muscle growth. Protein will require a lot of energy for it to be digested and will surely make you feel full after the meal thus letting you avoid consuming too much calories.

Don’t be Scared of the Fats

If you include healthy fats in your diet then it is a healthy decision in losing the body fat and in gaining muscle growth. Healthy fats are usually found in coconut oil, nuts, seeds, avocados, olive oil, small amounts of dairy and grass-fed butter are great sources of energy and will ensure that your muscle and nerve will have a healthy function.

All of these foods and their properties are essential when you’re exercising especially in building lean muscle. Even though it might sound counterintuitive, consuming healthy fats are actually linked with easier fat loss and lower levels of body fat.

Be Conscious with Carbs

If you plan on building muscle then it is also an essential component to include in your diet. Carbs will provide your muscles with glycogen wherein it allows exertion to occur during your workout. Consuming foods that are rich in carbs such as whole grains, sweet potatoes, rice and fruit will provide you with enough energy to perform an intense workout while maintaining a stable energy all throughout the day.

However, if you eat too much carbs then it can lead to a slow fat loss and an excess of it will be stored as fat that will be used later on. You can just aim for about a fistful of carbs after every meal for the best results.

Drink Smart

What you drink will just have as much impact on your body composition compared to what you eat. If you want to lose your body fat, you should be focused on drinking water and unsweetened coffee and tea. Additionally, you can reject drinking alcohol, fruit juice, and sodas so that the process will be much faster. As for muscle building, you can include protein shakes and milk in your diet especially if you are struggling in eating the right amounts of protein regularly.


In order to build muscle, you must know how to balance a proper eating plan together with strength training. You need to avoid overeating macro-nutrient in just one sitting. The reason for this is that researchers assumed that the body cannot consume more than 40 grams in just a single sitting and the remaining ones will be stored as excess fat.


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