Does Testosterone Make You Angry?

Does Testosterone Make You Angry?

No, it does not cause you to be angry. Testosterone levels can be associated with the feeling of being irritable though further study still needs to done regarding it. Anger is something that we can manage and it won’t happen without a reason. Testosterones have no direct effect to us being angry or to stay angry.

Testosterone is highly associated with aggression. It is destructive, hostile and sometimes violent behaviour that are both physically and psychologically damaging. Higher levels of testosterone means higher aggression and may cause anyone to be angry with very minimal and most of the time insignificant circumstances.

This theory came to being as more abusive individuals openly admit being addicted to using testosterone or more commonly known as steroids. These personalities are often famous as being part of the world wide athletic or entertainment industry. What is interestingly common among those that openly admit to the use of it, is their aggressive behaviour. Acts and speech is comparable to a raging volcano when a simple question is being asked or sometimes nothing is done but how they behave is caught on cam.

These people act like they are very “ angry” which to most of us as questionable state when there seem to be no reason to be one at the moment. So,goes the theory that it maybe the use of steroids or artificial increase in testosterone that can be attributed to this. Also, a number to violent and deadly behaviour are reported due to anger from a steroid user. The most popular to date is the murder and suicidal case of a professional wrestler Chris Benoit. He murdered his family and killed himself because of being very angry for reasons that even the modern forensic cannot answer.

Anger is highly manageable and we have to keep in mind that it is an emotion, how we act upon it will determine the consequence that we will be getting. Testosterone definitely have nothing to do with it, but high dosage and prolong use that spells out addictive and abusive behaviour may instead of helping us to calm down will make us more “hot-headed” and in our anger will make us do things that we can not longer take back or correct.


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