Does Testosterone Cause or Worsen Acne Condition?

Does Testosterone Cause or Worsen Acne Condition?

Testosterone helps in the development of male characteristics which can also be found in the female body. Yes, women also produce testosterone but it is in much lower levels in comparison to that of the male. What most of us do not know is that testosterone, is a steroid that helps our skeletal muscles. This aid, often times, become the source of controversy and disqualification of athletes and bodybuilders worldwide.

Testosterone does not cause acne. Acne can be caused by a lot of factors such as our genetic makeup, environment and sometimes as a reaction to everyday stress. To treat acne you need to see your physician on what should be done best. You may also modify your perspective, lifestyle or hygiene. For you to know the exact cause of your acne, if you are suffering from one, you need to see a specialist since there could be a lot of reasons and factors to consider in treating such condition.

Acne may have been triggered differently in your case and will require different medication or treatment from others. The important thing in treating acne is not to self-medicate and before you conclude on what could be the possible culprit, be it hormones, food, lifestyle or anything else, you should ask assistance from a doctor.

You don’t need to worry though as testosterone does not directly cause or worsen acne condition. It may affect your voice and/or alter your physical appearance which can cause stress and therefore cause acne. It could also be possible that it may cause you to be a bit more muscularly developed and for women, won’t be physically attractive to the opposite sex that can cause anxiety and will result to acne.

Acne may not be lethal in a physical sense but none the less it needs to be treated and managed to prevent it from happening again. It will dramatically affect our self-esteem, cause mood swings and may damage our social aspect causing us to lose those that we do care about.


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