Does Testosterone Make You Lose Weight?

Does Testosterone Make You Lose Weight?

Lower testosterone will cause your body to store more fats. This is because low testosterone creates insulin resistance. Yes, low testosterone for men and higher for women will cause you to gain weight, so it is the other way around.

Testosterone is a key factor on how our body build muscles, which is already the end result of other factors like our metabolic rate and health, genetics and family background and history, as well as our lifestyle. It is highly affected by our diet as well as the physical activity that we do. With that being said, muscle mass is directly associated to fat loss and  to make it simpler, you can build sturdier muscles without fats and vice versa, you cannot lose fats without losing muscles too.

Obesity and diabetes are the two most popular complications from an unmanaged weight. These are directly related to the body fat that we have. We need fats but not much and anything in excess is not good.

Fats and muscles are directly associated on the numbers that we will be seeing on the weighing scale. That is what we call “weight” and the ideal weight for everyone is different, so it is still best to seek professional assistance from a medically licensed doctor.


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