Does Testosterone Make You Lose Hair?

Hair loss can be caused by a lot of factors. The biggest factor would have to be genetics. Genetic plays a big role in our hormones. It dictates how much or how less of it should be produced. Testosterone and how those hairs are going to be are both following what our genes want it to be.

We lose hair because our hair follicle shrinks. The reason as to why it shrinks, it can be because of a disease, poor hygiene, extreme stress or many others and that includes how much or how little testosterone you have in your body.

There is a relationship between hair loss and your testosterone levels. Your body may have much testosterone but your hair follicles are not that sensitive to it and so, it is unlikely that you will have hair loss because of it. You may have less testosterone but your hair follicles are highly sensitive to it and so, you may likely experience hair loss.

Yes, testosterone can make you lose hair but it is not the amount. It is the sensitivity of your hair follicles to it. The amount and sensitivity lies in our genes. It is already programmed from the moment that we are conceived.


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