The Different Body Types: Ectomorph, Endomorph or Mesomorph, What Is Your Body Type?

The Different Body Types: Ectomorph, Endomorph or Mesomorph, What Is Your Body Type?

Are you wondering what type of body do you have? How could you tell the right body type for your body? Here are the list of features for all the kinds of body that a human being could have. But, one person can belong to a certain type of body only, whether it is ectomorph, endomorph or mesomorph.

As we all know, not every one of us is created equally whether we are referring to the height, weight, face features or the color of the skin. This is the reason why many people are trying to enhance their look by using makeup, wearing beautiful clothes and shoes and even go to the gym to get the body they have dreamed of.

However, the training that a person could get actually depends on the type of body they have, as it falls into the right body type and features. Some bodies easily converts fat into muscles, while other body types do not. This is why it is important to know the body type your body falls into, so you can gain a better understanding of how your body works and so you can acquire the right diet, training and set realistic exercise plans and goals.


There are three basic types of human body and these are the ectomorph, endomorph or mesomorph. In this article, we will tackle the differences of these body types and their features.

The truth is, a person’s body type influences the body’s way in responding to training and diet. It is important to understand your body type so you can plan your exercise routine and muscle building training or find a diet program which would actually work.


An ectomorph body type is actually a skinny, tall guy or lady. Ectomorph people have a light build muscle with small joints and leaner muscles. This kind of body usually have long and thin limbs with stringy kind of muscles. Their shoulders are usually thin and little width.

Small or delicate body frame and bone structure
Their body can be a classic hardgainer when it comes to fats
They have a flat chest
They have small shoulders
They are usually thin
They have a very lean muscle mass
They find it hard to gain weight
They have fast metabolism

The truth is, ectomorph body find it difficult to gain weight even if they are always eating, because they have fast metabolism which helps their body digest the fats, nutrients and the food right away. The metabolism helps they burn up their calories in a quick manner. Ectomorphs need a great amount of calories in their body so they could gain weight.

When it comes to gaining muscles, ectomorphs also need to do serious, intense and physically challenging workouts. At the same time, their workouts need to be short and focus on the part of the body they want to grow.

Food supplements are highly recommended for people with ectomorph body, as they would be helpful in gaining weight. People with this body need to eat before they head to bed so they could prevent the muscle catabolism at night.

Ectomorphs people can lose fat very quickly and it makes it easier for them to cut back to leaner muscles.

Many people dream to have the ectomorph type of body even though it requires a lot of work to achieve a great physique, but their body will look better once they reached the right weight and leaner body.


Skinny – Ectomorphs are skinnier than the the other bodies.
Tall – They tend to be taller.
Thin Muscles – They have thinner muscles.
Decreased Endurance – They have harder workout routines.
Small Shoulders and Chest – Their body tend to have a concave look.
Delicate Bone Structure – Their bodies appear to be fragile and soft.
Flat Front – Their bodies does not have a muscular chest or abs.

Having an ectomorph body can make it hard for a person to gain muscle and their cardio routine ends up burning the calories away which helps in gaining weight.

Having an Ectomorph kind of body is the difficulty in having curvature or musculature in both men and women.

The famous men with Ectomorphs body include:
Bruce Lee
Brad Pitt
Chris Rock
Bradley Cooper
Edward Norton
Toby Maguire

The famous women with Ectomorphs body include:
Audrey Hepburn
Thandie Newton
Kate Moss
Cameron Diaz
Nadja Auermann
Gisele Bündchen
Whitney Houston
Thandie Newton
Calista Flockhardt

If you have an ectomorph body, then you need to stick with intense and shorter training sessions and minimize your cardiovascular exercises. Cardio exercises tend to amp up the metabolism of an ectomorph body which will abolish muscle tone.

You also need to take more calories and you need to get your calories from healthy foods with complex carbohydrates like whole grains, legumes, fruits, nuts, vegetables and even rice.


People who have a mesomorph type of body has a large bone and joint structure and their muscles are often large. Their bodies are naturally athletic in look and their body is the ideal feature of a bodybuilder.

Mesomorphs are naturally strong and they often find it easy to build muscles.

Mesomorph people find it easy to gain fat and gain muscle easily. They are also strong and they have well defined muscles and hard body.

They are often referred to as the genetically gifted people in the world when it comes to having a beautiful body. They already have excellent posture even if they do not do workout.

They have lean and strong muscles which are ideal for people who play sports. Of course, famous athletes fall into this kind of body type.


They are naturally lean
They are naturally muscular
They are naturally strong
They are medium in size joints and bones
They have wider shoulders than the hips like their chest dominates over abdominal area
They are broad and square shoulders
A female mesomorph has a defined hourglass figure
A male mesomorph has V or rectangular shape figure
They have an efficient metabolism
They easily gain muscle and it is almost effortless
They can lose fat and it is almost effortless
They respond quickly to exercise

Here are the famous men with mesomorph body include:
Andre Agassi
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Bruce Wills
George Clooney
Sylvester Stallone
Mark Wahlberg

Male mesomorphs need to focus on keeping their body fat down as they are prone to gaining weight and they also lose it easily.

They need to add weight training to their exercise routine to get the ideal body they want, especially if they want to look smaller and shed pounds.

Female mesomorphs need to focus on losing weight in order to shrink their waistline and get their dream body. They could do sets of cardio exercises and contour or shape their figure.

They need to do a strong cardio workout and limit the weight gain especially if they want to look like Beyonce or Halle Berry.

Doing a regular exercise can slim down their legs and define their muscles easily than the other body types, endomorphs and ectomorphs.

Here are the famous women with mesomorph body include:
Angela Bassett
Anna Kournikova
Sarah Jessica Parker
Gabrielle Reese
Tina Turner
Jennifer Garner
Jerry Hall
Halle Berry
Gloria Estefan
Yasmin le Bon

A person who has an endomorphs body can typically have a solid and at the same time soft body. Their bodies are usually shorter in build and they have thick arms and legs and their muscles are strong especially their upper legs.

An endomorph body naturally have strong legs and can usually finish lots of squats and leg exercises.

When it comes to training an endomorph body, gaining weight and muscles can be a lot easier compared to other body types.


Endomorph bodies need to keep fat gain to a minimum level so they can gain muscle and not fat.

Food supplements are not necessary for this kind of body anymore as they can build muscles using cardio exercises.

Unlike ectomorphs, an endomorph body tends to be heavier and their body shapes are usually round and tend to be shorter too.

They also have low endurance which make it hard for them to stick to work out routines.

They have a smooth, round body
They have a medium and large joints and bones
They have small shoulders
They have a short limbs
They have a high levels of body fat which may be the reason to be overweight
They have body fat which tends to settle in the lower regions of the body, mainly lower abdomen, butt, hips, and thighs (rather than being distributed evenly throughout body)
They have a pear-shaped physique
They have can gain muscles easily and tends to be underdeveloped
They find it difficult to keep a lost body fat off it
They lose weight very slowly
They have to work very hard to lose excess weight
They have a slow metabolic rate
They have attacks of tiredness and fatigue
They can fall asleep easily

Here are the famous men with endomorph body include:

Robin Williams
John Goodman
Rusell Crowe
Jack Black
Danny DeVito

Here are the famous women with endomorph body include:
Jennifer Lopez
Sophia Loren
Marilyn Monroe
Sofia Vergara
Oprah Winfrey
Queen Latifah
Minnie Driver
Kate Winslet
Sophie Dahl

It is important for endomorph human being to go on an exercise routine which would be very helpful for them as their bodies store fats easily. It is also important for the endomorphic body to maintain weight and monitor their calorie intake from time to time.

To determine whether you have a small, medium or a larger bone or joints, you must encircle your wrist with the thumb and your middle finger.

If your middle finger can overlap your thumb, then you are small boned and jointed which says you are an ectomorph.

If your middle finger and thumb just touch, you have medium sized bones and joints which says you are a mesomorph.

If your finger and your thumb do not touch then you are larger boned or jointed then you are an endomorph.

So, if you are desiring to get the body you have been dreaming to have then you need to know your body type first before you start working on your exercise routine. It is also important to have a workout body with you, especially if you want to hit the gym, as this will be a helpful way in finishing your diet plan and exercise routine.

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