Brute Force Sandbags Review - How they Became no. 1?

Brute Force Sandbags Training Review – Amazing Workout

Do you ever wonder on what to do to spice up your daily workout routine? Great! Because the Brute Force Sandbags are here to answer that question for you.

The Brute Force Sandbags has been tested and proven to effectively intensify your daily grind. It helps you to achieve a leaner body, build strength and muscles. Brute Force Sandbags is slowly taking over the world of exercise and bodybuilding due to its incredible after results.

This article will give you a detailed and informative review about the Brute Force Sandbags. You will see variations of their products, the pros and cons, how to utilize it in workouts and its advantage to a person, in general. 

What are the Brute Force Sandbags?

The Brute Force Sandbags came in to the market and the world of fitness during February, in the year of 2010. The masterminds behind these worldly used products are R.B and Keith Burns.

R.B and Keith Burns had their fair share of struggles before coming up with this high-earning and popularly-known product. It came to a point that their house was set to be foreclosed, one of them was unemployed and the other was still studying that they decided to turn their lives upside down. It was during those devastating moments that they came up with the most brilliant invention yet.

The Process of how the Brute Force Sandbags came About

However, they had to undergo a couple of trials and errors before making the perfect one. They recycled materials and gathered anything they could find to come up with a regular sandbag. Yes, the sandbag allowed them to workout well, but they felt it was still lacking some important factors. It was not the ideal size to equip for various training. Not to mention, their garage always ends up being a mess because of all the sands flying out from the bag.

Because of the ups and downs they went through, one step at a time, the Brute Force Sandbags started making a name for itself. Moreover, they became a top threat to what was already the number 1 sandbag during those times.

As the Brute Force Sandbags, little by little, started to take over the market, something unwanted happened. Their “sewing master” took off from the position to accept a new full-time job, just as the Brute Force Sandbags was on its peak. Now, who is going to sew the sandbags?

Burns stepped out from his comfort zone and took the initiative to learn. Surprisingly, he picked up fast and now did the sandbags himself. It now brought a greater advantage because he was able to directly improve the minor errors of the sandbags.

Today, the Brute Force Sandbags are dominating the market and is now being made in a factory in Denver, Colorado.

General Specifications of the Product

  • Comes with a 1 year Warranty
  • Has 8 Soft Gripping Handles in total
  • Available in different sizes of up to 125 lbs in weight
  • No annoying bulgy plastic handles or straps that leaves possible dents on the skin
  • Is composed of tough, 1100D Military Grade Cordura
  • Has now upgraded in to having webbing reinforcements which makes them twice as unbeatable than any sandbag out in the market

What are the Benefits when Training with the Brute Force Sandbags?

It may come across your minds on how can a regular sandbag help you in achieving your fitness goals. Well, that is the deal actually, this is not just any ordinary sandbag. The Brute Force Sandbags is extraordinary in way that it actually has multiple benefits.

1. Significantly Improves Functionality

When we say functionality, it enhances muscle stability, makes your body stronger and develops athletic and functional strength. Why? Because the sandbag is considered to be the most unstable and uncooperative workout equipment there is.

The logic behind this is that when using the sandbag, it does not have a permanent or definite form. It constantly shifts from one shape to another even at the slightest movement that you do. Thus, making it more challenging for you and your muscles.

The Brute Force Sandbags, any sandbag of theirs, makes it impossible for you to memorize the flow of the routine. It intensifies the difficulty because of it being unstable. Hence, you are required to exert effort, strength, coordination and patience to, little by little, understand the rhythm of your workout.

What makes it better is because you will not be able to feel bored, ever. For the reason that, every repetition of your exercise routine will be significantly different from yesterday’s session. Your workouts will be vastly unpredictable. So, your body and muscles will develop faster, day by day.

2. Effective Conditioning Equipment

Training that utilizes sandbags are one of the most convenient training you can engage in. Since, there is only one equipment to be used and it is highly simple. What more so if given the Brute Force Sandbags that provides you with exceptional high-quality sandbags equipment. It could further add on to the effectiveness of the equipment.

The sandbag, in general, is a great conditioning equipment. Studies have shown that executing one set of lunges when using a sandbag doubles the heart rate of the person. As oppose to using the typical dumbbells or weights. Irregardless, if the weight of the dumbbells and the sandbags are the same. There is a significant improvement in the heart rate of the person when using the sandbag for working out.

3. Affordable and Flexible

This is with no more debate and further arguments. Sandbags are comparatively cheap than other gym or workout equipment. Particularly, the Brute Force Sandbags. They do not just give you the optimum quality and performance. But, they also make sure that these are made available for you in an instant.

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Variations of Brute Force Sandbags

Mini Sandbag Training Kit | 5-25 lbs (11 Kg) – $89.95

Mini Sandbag Training Kit

The Brute Force Mini Sandbags targets the market for those who are amateurs or are in a beginner’s level. Not only that, but these are also designed to aid in physical therapy and youth athletes.

The Mini Sandbag training kit can be adjusted from 5 lbs going up to 25 lbs. A little bit of a tip when using this kind in particular, you can enjoy its maximum function when the weight is between 10-20 lbs. This is to ensure that there are enough spaces for sand movements. To which it will intensify, still, your workouts even though you are at a beginner’s level.


  • USA made
  • 5-25 lbs (11 kg)
  • Has a dimension of 18″ x 9 ” when stretched
  • Available in the colors black and pink
  • Composed of tough and resilient 1000D Mil-Spec Cordura, Military Grade Velcro and 5 Panel seatbelt webbing
  • Uses YKK Zippers
  • Features reinforces BOX X stitching
  • Has a total of 8 flexible, soft grip Neutral handles, Barbell grips, Suitcase grips and End cap grips
  • Includes one Double Velcro 30 lb filler bag

Athlete Sandbag Kit | 25-75 lbs (34 kg) – $129.95

Athlete Sandbag Kit

By far, the Athlete Sandbag Kit, has been the topmost purchased, used and performing Brute Force Sandbag among the other kinds. You will notice that this type of bag are found almost everywhere and anywhere. You can see he Athlete Sandbag Kit in garage gyms, CrossFit boxes, US Navy and top performing athletes. In general, the Athlete Sandbag Kit is designed for intermediate and advanced skilled individuals.

Its look is pretty deceiving. You may think it may not be that heavy and not as effective as barbells, think again. Always remember that sandbags, in general, have no specific weight. So, you will be surprised on how the weight of the Athlete Sandbag Kit shifts in milliseconds. This Brute Force sandbag can be adjusted in weights 25-75 lbs. However, works best between 25 lbs going up to 60 lbs.


  • USA Made
  • 25-75 lbs (34 kg)
  • Has a dimension of 30″ x 13″ when stretched
  • Available in the colors of Black, Army Green, LEO Blue, Firefighter Red and Hot Pink
  • Composed of tough and resilient 1000D Mil-Spec Cordura, Military Grade Velcro and 5 Panel Seatbelt Webbing
  • Uses YKK Zippers
  • Features Triple Reinforced BOX X stitching
  • Has a total of 8 flexible, soft grip Neutral handles, Barbell grips, Suitcase grips and End cap grips
  • Includes one Double Velcro 50 lb bag and one 30 lb filler bag

Strongman Sandbag Kit | 50-125 lbs (57 kg) – $159.96-$169.95

Strongman Sandbag Kit

Now, things are getting a bit tougher and tougher as we go along. The Strongman Sandbag Kit will surely show off the man in you. Since, this sandbag challenges every little bit of strength you have in your entire body. This is designed to tear you up. Those who opt to choose this Brute Force Sandbag are ready and willing to take steps higher into advancing in a more strength-requiring workout.

The Strongman Sandbag Kit can be adjusted from 75 lbs going up to 125 lbs. Like the other Brute Force Sandbags mentioned, this particular beast, functions best at 75-115 lbs. Strongman Sandbag Kit is designed for the advanced individuals who can handle some serious weights.


  • USA made
  • 50-125 lbs (57 kg)
  • Has a dimension of 36″ x 26″ when stretched
  • Available in the colors Black, Army Green, Firefighter Red and LEO Blue
  • composed of tough and resilient 1000D Mil-Spec Cordura, Military Grade Velcro and 5 Panel Seatbelt Webbing
  • Uses YKK Zippers
  • features Triple Reinforced BOX X stitching
  • Has a total of 8 flexible, soft grip Neutral handles, Barbell grips, Suitcase grips and End cap grips
  • Incudes three Double Velcro 50lb filler bags

Brute Force Power Combo Sandbag Training Kit – $260.95

Combo Sandbag Training Kit

If you are looking for something that will improve your functional strength, enhance conditioning and develop pure power then this is the one to have. This Brute Force Sandbags products is a combination of the Athlete Sandbag and Strongman Sandbag. Thus, doubling the intensity in strength training.

Take advantage of the Athlete sandbag when going for low weights but with high reps. On the other hand, use the Strongman sandbag in executing your squats, drags and heavy weights but low reps.

This has been the number one pick of Firehouses, SWAT Teams and Military Installations. The Brute Force Power Combo Sandbag Training Kit is recognized to be the most popular “go-to” training package.

Tiger Camo Strongman Sandbag Kit (Limited Edition) | 50-125 lbs (57 kg) – $169.95

Tiger Camo Strongman Sandbag Kit

This variation of the Brute Force Sandbag is the exact replica of the Strongman Sandbag Kit. However, this muscle breaker comes in a limited edition color- Tiger Camo. But, because of its high demands in the market, this is temporarily sold out.

Tiger Camo Kettlebell Sandbags (Limited Edition) | 0-45 lbs – $79.95

Tiger Camo Kettlebell Sandbags

This is the perfect epitome of a “small but terrible” workout equipment. It is half kettlebell, half sandbag which makes up a full strength-challenging equipment. The Brute Force Kettlebell sandbag is designed for people who are always on the move. Those who are up and running but still wants to make time to break those muscles. It is very convenient and portable. You can just easily roll it up and put inside your bag. As you reach your destination, you can just easily fill it up and start grinding on those muscles.

The Brute Force Kettlebell Sandbag works best if you fill it up at around 60%-90%. In addition, this is great for beginners and even the advanced.


  • USA Made
  • 0-45lbs
  • composed of tough and resilient 1000D Mil-Spec Cordura
  • Inner filler is made up of tear-proof Balistic Nylon
  • Available in the color Black with Silver webbing
  • uses Double Wall Protection, HDPE Stiffener Spill-Proof Seal, Anti-Microbial Contoured Rubber Handle and a Brute Force design made to last
  • features Quadruple Reinforced Stitching

Tiger Camo Athlete Sandbag Kit (Limited Edition) | 25-75 lbs (34 kg) – $139.95

Tiger Camo Athlete Sandbag Kit

This variation of the Brute Force Sandbag is the exact replica of the Athlete Sandbag Kit. However, this muscle breaker comes in a limited edition color- Tiger Camo. But, because of its high demands in the market, this is temporarily sold out.

Kettlebell and Athlete Sandbag Combo Kit – $184.95

Kettlebell and Athlete Sandbag Combo

Everyone can achieve incredible muscle gains with this killer Brute Force combo kit. You have two of the top selling Brute Force sandbags in the market. You could only imagine when you combine the results you get with these two. They are perfect for increasing power, enhancing conditioning and developing strength.

Different Workouts Using the Brute Force Sandbags

The Brute Force Sandbags are highly recognized to be versatile working equipment. Because of its flexibility, it is easy and convenient to incorporate the sandbag to any type of workout. You can use the Brute Force Sandbags in some of the following workouts:

  • Sqauts
  • Carry
  • Clean and Press
  • Deadlifts
  • High Pulls
  • Windmills
  • Push-ups

The list can go on! In short, the Brute Force Sandbags, given its astounding quality, can definitely intensify your workout routine. As well as, you can be creative with the Brute Force Sandbag and utilize it in any of your exercises.

What makes the Brute Force Sandbag standout is because of its unique features, especially, the multiple handles. This can further aid you and give you convenience in your workout.

Furthermore, even though it takes optimum muscle coordination to control the sandbag as you workout, the pro factor is that it takes less than a week to master it. Compared to the barbells that takes a lot of requirements before you even begin working out. Not to mention, it takes a lot of risks especially for the beginners. But, as for the Brute Force Sandbags, it can be done anytime and by beginners up to advanced.

Legit Consumer Reviews from Brute Force Sandbags

“I’ve started training with the Brute Force Sandbag a few weeks ago and I can assure you that it’s incredibly effective. As a combat athlete, I need to develop strength, agility, power and explosiveness to name a few and sandbag training can provide it all. I’m really enjoying my workouts and I can’t wait to perform my next training session. I’ve seen great changes on the mat and I feel that I’ve already reached a new step in my conditioning journey. Thanks a lot Keith, your product is perfect. -Icon Jiu Jitsu, September 24, 2011

“Just got my Brute Force Sandbag today in the mail, awesome quality and craftsmanship – the digital camo color is sick. I will definitely be buying some more because these are awesome. Thanks!” -Josh Hill, March 24, 2012

“As an obstacle course racer working with sandbags is a must, and Brute Force’s are as good as they get. I’ve trained with others that barely lasted a few workouts before starting to fall apart – Brute Force Sandbags are sturdy and easier for me to grip than any others I’ve ever used, all while still delivering an absolutely brutal workout.” -Tracy Kellett, March 6, 2015

Close-up Reviews by Prominent Influencers for Brute Force Sandbags

“I picked up a Brute Force sandbag about a week ago and it is awesome!  The handles are perfectly placed for a huge variety of lifts.  The best feature of the bag is the inserts, you can warm-up with one or two inserts then add the third for some heavy work, then drop in one or two inserts for some sustained effort work.  Plus you can use the same bag for beginner, intermediate and advanced athletes.  On top of it all, the bag is bombproof, and the design is sweet.  I highly recommend Brute Force sandbags.” -Rob Converse, Underground Strength Coach

“Check it out people, if you want the kind of physical torture that your body deserves from a small easy to store, extremely versitile package go and get yourself a brute force sand bag, you’ll break a kettle bell before you’ll destroy this thing, and it weighs as much as you want and you can change the weight quickly for pyramiding.” -Harrson Pfeiffer, Instructor, Tallahassee Mixed Martial Arts

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