The hardest part of the body to work out is the belly area or the abs. You may do a lot of cardio exercises and eat as healthy as you can. But, the belly fat would still be stubborn enough to just stay where it is.

It has been one of the most common problems of those who try to achieve a toned and more fit body. The belly fat is always the last fat of the body to come off. This goes for both men and women. It is normal to have those extra belly fats.

As a matter of fact, men today is relatively heavier than men during the 60’s. What is even more surprising is that the numbers are continuously rising. This goes for the women too. There are numerous of factors that affect our weight, especially in the midsection.

But, do not get your hopes down because this article contains all the secrets you need to know to burn those stubborn fats. Who does not want to confidently wear those tight shirts that has been long hiding at the back of your closets.

Nonetheless, do not think of this as condemning the existence of belly fats or even those who have it. Because, as mentioned earlier, it is practically normal considering the rising number of delicious dishes in the word. This article only serves as a guide to those who are up for the journey of achieving a flatter stomach.

There are a lot of tips available on the internet on how to get yourself a flat stomach. But, we have gathered all the most important and effective ones out there. With that, we have 20 belly hacks for you to try in order to, finally, achieve that toner and flatter stomach.

Before delving in to the wonders of achieving a flatter stomach, let us learn a few of the important benefits of having a flatter stomach.


The basic reason why people crave for a flat stomach is because of vanity. For us to look and feel good. But, aside from that reason alone, there are more important benefits when achieving a flat stomach.

The mid-section is the most stubborn area to work on. Thus, we need an insane amount of time and effort to exercise in order to achieve awesome results. In order to do that, cardio exercises and weight training is necessary. What’s great about these two workouts is that they do not only help out with flattening and toning your stomach. Actually, they help improve your heart rate which leads to a healthier heart. Furthermore, exercise causes your endorphin hormones, or happy hormones, to kick in. Which would keep you happy and have a better mood all throughout the day.

Most importantly, when you do cardio and weight training, your entire body participates in the exercise. Therefore, it improves your muscular strength, coordination, balance and oxygen levels. Basically, it works as a domino effect, touching every part of your body.


1. Protein is your Best Friend

Protein is the perfect substitute for all other cravings that you might have. Because the calories found in grams of protein are easily and quickly digested. As oppose to, the calories found in carbs. Therefore, try to look for a diet prone to more protein to reduce your calorie consumption.

2. Understand Food Labels

Studies have shown, that over the decades food industries have solely relied on using high-fructose corn syrup to improve their production. In a sense, that they can profit more by using such ingredient. This ingredient is commonly used in fast food sodas, which has been the popular go-to food of almost 90% of the population of the USA. In addition, high-fructose corn syrup is one of the huge factors of fat development in the body. Particularly, in the belly area. So, try to avoid or eat less of products that contain this ingredient by reading the labels.

3. You have got to Sweat in Order to Burn

The midsection is the hardest and most stubborn part of the body to fix. By fix, this means, to aesthetically improve it through exercise. That is why you have to double your effort and improve your exercise routine to get better results. Use routines that target the abdominal area such as crunches or planks. Most importantly, work hard and leave no room for excuses.

4. Try Variations

When doing your exercise routines, make sure to use different variations. Especially, having routines for the upper and lower body. This is to make use of every muscle you have, especially on your downtime. In that manner, you can sweat more and burn fats more.

5. Treat your Daily Chores as a Chance to Workout further

When doing your laundry or cleaning the whole house, think of it as an additional time to work those muscles and your body. At least, the results you have reached from going to the gym would not stagnate or put to waste.

6. Find an Inspiration

Look for something or someone that could really push you to your limits. It can be as significant as a partner, or as “shallow” as a movie about exercise. In time, you might feel tired or discouraged from working out. Having an inspiration can make you think less of what can hinder or stop you from reaching your fitness goals.

7. Be your own Competition

Be your own challenge. Once you are working out, it would be best and healthy to be your own competition. Try to run faster as you did last week, try to add weights from the once you were lifting yesterday. Be one step ahead from your own game. This would result to a gradual increase in improvement. You might be surprised of how much your body can achieve.

8. Use Smaller Utensils

This might sound absurd, but this actually works. You can fill up your whole plate and eat in spoon fulls and the aftermath would still be great. Using smaller plates, spoons and forks actually has a psychological effect. It lets you believe that you are eating the way you normally do, but in reality, it’s lesser than normal.

9. Make a New Diet Plan

If you want to achieve a flatter stomach, you have to look back and think about the food you have been eating. Are they able to help you towards your journey? If you are thinking otherwise, then better shift to a new diet plan. Lessen you calorie intake by reducing the carbs you put in your plate.

A great start would be replacing bad carbs with good carbs. Which is… fiber. Studies have shown that adding fiber to your diet can speed up your fat loss journey.

10. Never Skip Meals

It has been a common misconception that skipping meals can lead you to a flatter stomach. As a matter of fact, it leads you to a “fatter stomach”. Why? Because spending long hours without food can cause your body to store fat. It use your muscle tissues as a source of energy as you go along with your day.

11. Shift from a Regular Treadmill to an Inclined Treadmill

It is without a doubt that treadmills are great and effective cardio exercises. It can definitely help you burn fats. But, what is better than doing a treadmill run? Performing it on an inclined treadmill. It lets you double your effort when running, burning more fats than usual. You use an incredible amount of muscle strength when doing this, especially on the leg and abdominal area.

14. There are no Rooms for Excuses

Always follow the routine you have and the schedule you made no matter what. It may seem minimal to miss one day of exercising, but that’s where it will all start. One day, will be two days, two days will be three, up until you are no longer doing any exercises at all. As small as an excuse can be, never allow it. Always keep yourself on track and do not reroute yourself to any temptations. Dedication will be the key to greater results.

15. Drink Water Every Before Meal

It has been proven that drinking water before meals helps you get full easily. It takes up a lot of space in your stomach, leaving lesser room for the entire meal. Most importantly, it also aids you in your digestion process which would regularize your bowel movement.

16. Engage in a Team

One can work well with unity and companionship. Hence, try engaging yourself in your school’s or community’s basketball, soccer or any sports’s team. This would help you have daily or regular exercise schedules automatically. With this, you will not have a hard time convincing yourself to hit the gym or do your exercise. Because, this gives you a zero chance to call it a day off. Furthermore, you would be motivated to work and play harder because you have your teammates.

17. Perform Abs Exercises Everyday

There are a lot of variations of abs exercises to choose from. You should do this as a part of your daily routine. Even it can be as light as 30 crunches in the morning and right before bedtime. With this, you are constantly working your abs muscles.

18. Follow the 20-minute Rule

For all the sweet lovers out there, always remember the 20-minute rule. The 20-minute rule is the length of pause or break you should have before eating a second batch of that delicious desert. Aside from eating in small amounts, doing this 20-minute rule can even help you reduce your sugar intake and bring you closer to that dream stomach of yours. The 20-minute break allows your hormones to shoot up triggering a feeling of being full. Thus, reducing the chances of having that second craving.

19. Say Goodbye to Sugar-filled Drinks

Drinking less or even no sodas, juices and other sugar-filled drinks is one of the best practices ever since. In order to achieve and maintain a flat stomach. The sugar level in the said beverages are one of the major reasons of increasing levels in fats found in the mid-section.

20. Heavy-Normal-Small Meals

Another common practice that helps you have a flatter stomach is being cautious of the amount of food you have in your meals. During breakfast, you can permit yourself to eat as heavy as you can. This is the most important meal of the day, because this will be the meal that will fuel up your energy tank. Next is, lunch, eat a normal amount of food for lunch. When we say normal, we mean, 1/4 of the amount you have had for breakfast. Lastly, dinner, eat as little as you can.

There we have it, a summary of the top important and effective tips in order to gain a flat stomach. Determination and hard work will be the key for you to be successful in this journey.