Best Exercises to Burn Fat and Lose Weight

Best Exercises to Burn Fat and Lose Weight

We all want to see visible results to our hard work in just a short period of time. When you are exercising for several times a week for a slimmer and fitter body, you would want a workout routine that could offer maximum benefits and results in the most minimum amount of time. To help you with this, here are several exercises that would help you to effectively shed off those extra weight in just a matter of a short time.


A very simple yet an ideal exercise to help you lose weight. You wouldn’t need any other equipment to do this exercise, except maybe for a good pair of walking shoes and you also don’t have to spend money for a gym membership to do it. This is a low impact exercise, that means that it will not cause strain or other forms of stress injuries that would leave you feeling sore for the next week.

This is also a great form of exercise for those with health issues like heart disease and, it is not an exercise for weight loss but for a better overall health and for mental wellbeing as well. A 45 minute walk can help you burn between 225 and 360 calories.

Squat to Overhead Press

This exercise will work several of your muscles like the quadriceps, abs, shoulders, butt, and hamstring muscles. You can do this exercise this way, you stand with your feet shoulder width apart, bend your elbows while holding a 5 pound weight on each of your hand at a shoulder height, palm placed forward. Lower into a squat and hold that position for a moment. Next, you push through your heels to stand up, pressing the weight over your head. Then you return to starting position. Do three sets of 15 reps of this workout.


This is a very effective exercise to lose weight and for toning. This is a low impact exercise that will strengthen, tone and condition the whole body. Vigorous swimming can burn between 400 to 700 calories in just an hour and all types of swimming are effective to shed off those extra pound.


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