A neck is a small and almost unrecognizable part of the human body. Aside from the neck being the bridge for the head connecting to the body, what are its other functions? Does the neck play a significant role on a person? What is the primary purpose and function of the neck?

These are questions that we might sometimes ask. For some reason, some men are obsessed with having strong and buffed necks. It is a symbol for being tough and capable. A buffed and strong neck signifies power, solidity and command. It gives men a sense of manliness and respect.

The question then comes in – How do you achieve a buffed and strong neck? There are a lot of information and articles regarding neck training. However, it would take you forever to cover all of them. That is why I have researched and collected some common denominators between all answers in the internet. As well as, I have done them myself to further test and prove their effectiveness.

This article will tell you the effective and important tips that you need to know to answer your question. After reading this, you will now be equipped with knowledge as to how buff up those neck muscles.

Before we begin talking about the ways on how to achieve those perfectly shaped neck muscles, you must know why first. I have included interesting facts about the importance of a person’s neck. Moreover, the advantages of having a strong and buffed neck.


The primary function of a person’s neck is that it connects the head to the torso. Furthermore, it serves as the channel to transmit blood from the heart going to the brain and vice versa. This is done due to the neck encompassing the blood vessels and arteries that connects the heart and brain.

An interesting fact, the brain is the powerhouse of the entire body system. If it is not supplied with the sufficient amount of blood that it needs, it will not perform its functions well. Hence, creating a series of problems all throughout the human body.

The brain is subdivided into functions and roles. The “subconscious brain” is vital for important functions of the human body. Such as, breathing, controlling a person’s heart rate, balancing the hormones, coordination, balance and sleep. The “subconscious brain” is located below the cortical brain or the “conscious brain”. Other bodily functions are controlled automatically in the cortical brain.

The number of arteries that is in-charge of supplying blood to this important parts of the brain is found to be in canals inside the vertebrae of the neck.

What Happens if the Neck is not Taken Care of?

A person’s neck is considered to be sensitively fragile. The neck has the ability to move in certain directions because it is located closely to the eyes, nose and ears. With that being said, the neck can get injured, dislocated and even mess up from its natural alignment easily. People are not aware that some minor tasks can bring extreme pressure and stress on the neck area. Such as, using the computer for a hours, carrying heavy stuff and even a sudden step on the breaks due to traffic can harm the neck.

So, when the neck of a person gets injured in any ways, it can significantly disturb the flow of the blood from the heart to the brain. Therefore, affecting the correlated parts connected to or powered by the brain.

That is why it is very important to take care of our necks. Why? an injury to the neck can cause extreme consequences to the body as a whole. As oppose to, shoulder, ankle, knee and arm injuries which are also dangerous but not as life threatening than the neck. How? Neck training.

Neck training is very important. As mentioned earlier, the neck plays a vital role in a person’s well-being and overall health. Moreover, a person engages in different strenuous activities that can cause pressure and stress in the neck area. For you to avoid injuring (or even worse problems) your neck you must develop the strength and ability of your neck through neck training.


Neck training is also an advantage for athletic people. Especially, those who are involved in sports or activities wherein the head and neck are most at risk. Such as, ice hockey, soccer, car racing and martial arts.

Studies have shown, that a strong neck can alleviate the case of brain concussions. As well as, it can help you recover faster if it happens otherwise.

Another of which by doing neck training is that is can help a person who suffers from a displaced postures. It has been proven, not widely yet, that neck training can correct neck displacements and cervical alignment. Especially, to those who are fond of watch TV series or playing the computer for hours. This is because, your neck and cervical area is exposed to only one position for a long time. Causing your bones in those areas to gradually deform overtime.

Next, is its advantage for bodybuilders. Developing a strong and buffed neck can actually balance out the overall physique of the person. In short, it provides a pleasing symmetry to that person’s body. Psychologically, it even adds to the manliness of the person.

Lastly, having a strong neck can help you be better coordinated and balanced in fast-paced and pressure-filled situations. Such as, riding a roller coaster, horseback riding and even diving in a pool. You will not be easily injured, get stiffed necks or whiplashes because you have improved your neck greatly.

The Neck has been Underestimated for too Long

If you have been observing your surroundings inside the gym, you will notice a lack in equipment and training module. An equipment and training that is actually beneficial towards a person’s physique and health. These are things that are centered directly towards the neck.

The neck has been given no to little importance without considering its vulnerability in action and reaction.

For coaches and trainers, there is a need for them to instill discipline and implement this in their workout regimen. This is to not exclude neck training and give the people the advantage in having a strong neck. As well as, this is to educate people to not belittle the importance and functions of the neck. This goes for both men and women.

That is why, this article would equip you with effective and important knowledge regarding the actions that you should take on strengthening your neck. Below you will find the different workout routines that are very helpful to strengthen your neck.


You have been working an excessive amount of time doing compound exercises. Enrolling yourself in neck training will be a piece of cake for you, and we’re talking about one big piece. It is not that easy, but it is tolerable and manageable. Especially, if you have been including exercise as a part of your day to day routine.

It is time to put a huge amount of attention to flexion, extensions and rotations. These are a few of the great things that you are going to come across with as you do your neck training.

Although some exercises can already include the neck to its beneficial effects. But, if you really want to reach the fullest capabilities of your neck, then you have to work closely and directly towards your neck. You have to perform exercises that are solely targeting the neck area.

When will you Savor the Effects of Neck Training?

You need not to rush the effects of Neck Training. As the common saying goes, great things are bound to come with determination and perseverance. Let us put it this way, if you work hard enough and is passionate to achieve a strong neck, the results will just be around the corner. But, if you workout with a sloppy attitude, then, better expect years and years to achieve such great results.

So, what consists of the scope of a neck training? It is actually pretty easy. It only composes of four movements. These are the Flexion, Extension, Lateral Flexion and Rotation.

Neck Flexion

According to Wikipedia, Flexion is describing a straightening movement that increases the angle between body parts. So, it is basically tilting your head forwards.

Unfortunately, before there were machines available that can help you with regards to this type of movement. But, nowadays, the four-way neck machine has turned extinct. Nonetheless, this is not something to stop you from going for the neck that you want. There are ways on how you can make-up for the four-way neck machine.

You can use a resistance band and tie it on a sturdy pole or let a workout partner hold the band. The pole or your partner will serve as the resistance. Next, put the bent band on your forehead and lean forward resisting the pull of the pole or your partner. To maximize the workout, perform in desired repetitions.

Neck Extension

Extension is basically the opposite of flexion. This is done by lifting your chin up and farther away from your chest. Your best friend for this type of movement is the neck harness. Performing repetitions with this bad boy would result to an insane neck that would broadcast strength and masculinity. There is also hyper-extension, to which you are exceeding from the normal movement of the average neck extension.

Neck harnesses are very easy to find. They cost for only an amount of 20 dollars. Yes, it may sound costly for just a piece of workout equipment. But, it is hard to find an equipment that could return the same quality of investment and results afterwards.

Neck Lateral Flexion

Lateral Flexion is a term that is used for simply tilting your head side to side. This is doable when a neck machine is found in sight. What you will be doing is to sit on the side of the equipment, position the side of your head on the machine’s pad and perform the same movement when doing the normal flexion workout.

If no neck machine is available, a resistance band can still be helpful. The same logic applies, you can perform this either utilizing a pole or asking help from a workout partner.

Neck Rotation

From the basic word itself, rotation, it means an action of rotating around a center-point or axis. In this case, you are turning your head from one side going to the other side.

To maximize the effects of neck rotation, all you have to do is to rotate your head from one side to the other. Turn your head to one side, facing over your shoulder. Use your hand to allow force and resistance to achieve its full effects. Same applies to the other side of your other shoulder.

That is about everything that you need to know. Just remember that when performing this movements, you have to do it to your fullest potential to maximize the results.




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